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  1. That is awesome. Would you mind sharing just the audio to me?...... bwalther74@hotmail.com

    I promise this is for personal use only not to be sold or shared.



    Thank you,





  2. Id just post a picture of my computer screen but the file size is too big.

    Getting an "unable to locate unit to change address" message.


    In the hardware screen top middle it says found 1 unit and give unit 02-16PC-G3 Ver 1,06

    Show all circuits to test. 16 channels.

    Set Unit ID's

    Old Unit ID1 have that set

    New unit ID 3

    when i click on change unit IDI get an error message that says;   UNable to locate unit to change address. Check connetions.


    I've checked all connections numerous times and still comes up this.








  3. Woke up this morning with a white yard. Had been in a serious debate with myself about even putting up lights this year, let alone even doing a show.

    Guess what!!! Set up starts today!!!! Amazing what a little bit of snow did to get me out of my funk!!!





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  4. If there is another thread is about this question here, I can't find it.

    I bought a new laptop. My other one has some serious issues. I did save my sequences like all of you advised to a thumb drive. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Do I need to Re-down load LOR to the new one or is there a way to transfer it via thumb drive?

    Also adding 16 more channels for a total of 32. Is that as simple as changing the channel amount in the sequencer, and then tweek it.? I do know I need to make it unit 2.


    THANKS in advance.



  5. First and foremost for me is adding another 16 channel controller. 

    Last year was my 1st LOR year and found out 16 channels wasn't enough. 12,000 lights, 1 Mega tree, house 6 small homemade xmas trees, fence, 7 other trees. You get the point.

    Refurbish my 20 foot mega tree ie make it easier to set up and add more strings. Maybe another mega tree on top of my garage,

    Figure out how to wrap my brick chimney above the roof line. Any ideas would be great!!!!!

    Add lights to the last 2 trees in my yard and ask the neighbor if I can "Borrow" a couple of their trees.

  6. My first suggestion is to find a roofing contractor to come a put a few anchor points on the roof. Explain to him/her why you need them and where you plan on working. Then go to your local home improvement store and buy a harness and 2 sets of ropes. This way you can be 100% tied off at all times. Remember you can't put your lights up if your hurt or worse. And remember, this is a biggie, the rope is there to keep you from hitting the ground and not to keep you from falling. Always, always, always keep the rope as short as possible. 



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