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  1. Visual inspection of the wiring and nodes looked good. I checked continuity on both end of the node and apparently there was something wrong with the node itself? Cut it out of the mix and soldered in a new node and the string came back to life. I'll keep everything in mind when this happens again as far as voltage drops and troubleshooting techniques with batteries outside, etc. Thank You all for your advice!
  2. I'll run through both options provided and get back with the results. Does seem to be the obvious starting point. Thanks guys!
  3. I have a string of 62 dumb RGB nodes on a CMB24D controller. In the Hardware Utility and also Sequencer if I turn the lights to full RED all nodes light up as they should. If I try to turn on Blue or Green then only 3 consecutive nodes light up and the rest stay off? Not sure what to try for troubleshooting? Would it be a possible bad wire connection somewhere? I would think that would be all or nothing on the lights though? Thanks!
  4. I appreciate everyone's input on the matter. I am all in with the lights and trying to soak up as much information as I can from you guys. I am taking all approaches to find the best fit for myself moving forward. Hopefully I'll get this one nailed down and then work on adding more! I am okay with manual, but did download papagayo if I find it helpful getting started. I think the moment I get an eye open and the mouth moving a bit it will all click and make sense. Dragging the prop out of the shop and going to make it a decoration in the living room for a week or so while I review all of your suggestions and get to work on it. Once again thank you all and stay tuned. I'll reach out for more once I get a little progress underway! **My hopes are to get to the point where I am the one also offering advice to the new guys like you all are doing for me.
  5. Update: - I created a new Preview just called Singing Face. - I have added the 8 props per your directions and connected the dots to the background image. - JR, I am also reviewing the method you mentioned in your post. This will take me a little more time to figure out the custom grid size and multi channel placement for the nodes in the prop definition. Going this route creates just a single prop as opposed to 8 in the Preview itself. Pros/Cons? Questions: - Static channels that would not change a whole lot based off audio I can use ON effects in SE, correct. Turn the outline on, open/cose the eyes, etc. - Do the mouth channels also get set in SE manually or can I use SS to run an automatic wizard? - Since I have created that separate Preview, what would I do to combine that with my Christmas Preview that has the background of the house and other prop overlays? I will be hooking up the singing tree to my laptop to verify I am able to control the lights properly tomorrow.
  6. Here is also a picture of what I am working on. Everything enclosed and sealed in a 2x4 frame with the controller mounted to the rear. I'll review your suggestions and get back to you with a high five or desperate plead for more help. Thank You!
  7. I have made the jump to S5. last season i converted all of my sequences over from S4 and all went well. I guess what I am asking in reference to this topic is really where to begin? I am also not 100% sure were to program this with the audio files. Will the singing face be done in Sequencer or Superstar? I messaged dibblejr a little bit last fall when I tried tackling this but am still a bit confused so was hoping to start a little earlier again on this to see if I can have it ready for this season. He mentioned going smart nodes with pixie controllers, but I have already got everything constructed to where I am hoping i do not have to start over with replacing all the lights and controller to make this work. To answer a few of your responses: - The singing tree I am talking about is one from HolidayCoro (https://www.holidaycoro.com/RGB-Singing-Christmas-Tree-p/100rgb.htm) - Setting up the Preview?: Yes, not quite sure for a singing face what I would need to do for that? I've been able to do rooflines, arches, mega trees, etc. Is this more of a customized layout? - Setting up channels?: Probably need some advice to make this clean. I added a CMB24D controller as a RGB with 8 channels. The ID for this is 2A. From the Preview though it just shows up as a line of 8 stars. I did export my preview in case that make things a little more clear? Christmas.lorprev
  8. I am working on setting up a singing tree using dumb RGB 12mm nodes and a CMB24D controller. Are there importable Prop Definition files or could someone help get me started in the right direction with defining this in S5? Channel #1 Top Lip: 19 Nodes Channel #2 "Oh" Mouth: 25 Nodes Channel #3 "Ah" Mouth: 30 Nodes Channel #4 Middle Mouth: 30 Nodes Channel #5 Bottom Mouth: 33 Nodes Channel #6 Eyes Open (both): 62 Nodes Channel #7 Eyes Closed (both): 18 Nodes Channel #8 Tree Outline: 90 Nodes
  9. Thanks Dibblejr. I am an IT Director for a hospital by day and becoming a lighting noob by night. There's a lot of information to wade through and I appreciate everyone's feedback! I am just trying to figure out the most efficient way to get something together for this Christmas and slowly build off that. Roofline, doors, windows, maybe a couple yard sequences.
  10. Thanks everyone. So would it make sense to keep the AC controller and also get the Pixcon16, or just go with the Pixie series only? Do some of the nicer shows still incorporate the AC controller lights for certain design aspects?
  11. I just purchased the CTB16PC controller. I have not purchased any lights yet, but looking at the big picture, I want to make sure I have the right controllers to get the effects I hope for with our design. Looking more into different controllers I have been reading more about the smart/dumb pixel controllers as well. I guess my first question getting started is that do the Residential AC controller I purchased still have the ability to change RGB LED lights? It seems to get the more advanced individual control for chasing or other functions might require a smart pixel controller with the smart led ribbons? We have a smaller house so I don't foresee us having very many controllers. I would probably start out with the 16 channel AC controls I purchased and then a few smart led controllers? Could someone put a simple comparison of what to expect with the basic different controllers and what lights to look for?
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