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  1. WHAT CAUSES THIS.... I literally, open my computer, pull up a song That is completely done,, and it tells me my groups are archived.... how do I fix this and what causes it??
  2. kinda slow. but on the creepy side.... I love to see if anyone could do something with this. haunted heart by christina aguilera its at the beginning of the 2019 adams family movie... i couldnt find it on the soundtrack. kinda slow. but its spooky! lol let me know if its something that might interest.
  3. I would love this whenever you get time. I promise not to share! weigh2fast4u@yahoo.com
  4. I would like a copy of this James. I promise not to share. thanks in advance. weigh2fast4u@yahoo.com
  5. sent my version, let me know if this is what you were looking for
  6. I’ll take 3-600 of them if anyone wants to rid of some!
  7. i think i got it. I toggled the cells on to the color that I wanted..... THEN inserted at sound level...
  8. when i Insert at sound level, It automatically makes it white.... is there a way to change this? (highlight cells, right click, Go to advanced tools, Click on Insert at sound level)
  9. I like it! I have a hard time doing slow songs. I did please come home for Christmas last year. Very repetitive. You did a great job. I like it. Gah I don’t see myself ever having all those props! I can’t afford it! Nor have the time to set all that up! looks great!!! Be sure to post us a video of the real thing for us!!!
  10. https://www.ecwid.com/store/sunnybrooklights/1-2-PVC-J-Channel-Clips-p127493997 CHECK THIS OUT!
  11. when i used s5, for a twinkle effect, i believe i used meteors, many, and far apart seting??? i think... i also had a group for the whole house. try that and see how that works for you.. snow effect may work with no accumulation and many setting you may like the outcome if its pixels
  12. Gotta figure out how to put HC clips on my J channel without screwing holes in it. then I’ll be able to do my windows and door.. Just ordered 600 more of these lights 🤣 😬
  13. To everyone who has helped me along this journey..... here ya go... still have some work to do... but thanks!
  14. Coffee shop. But I’ll buy two of them.... are they for standard LEDS?
  15. I’ve completely deleted S5, I have all the LOREDIT files still. I’m going to continue sequencing on S4.
  16. I was just wondering if it would Work with an external hard drive.
  17. I agree bud, these need to stay a collection. I have Hess trucks from when I was really little. Grant it, I’m 29. But I have quite a few of them from the early 90s.
  18. im so overwhelmed and lost right now. im going to bed. been working on it forever this evening. goodnight fellow lightsters
  19. thanks man. I really hate i lost my first singing props........ so im working on my channels and animation set up now..... the visualizer in Pixel Editor,,, will those effects show up on the visualizer in sequence editor?... and do i need to put all the props i created in PE, as channels in SE?
  20. Yes i will still need them.and the prop files that i used, i created in s5. which puts them in a file that is unsupported... i cant remember what online prop i used but i am going to use the pumpkin form holiday coro. the 46 x 46. the preview i created in s5 will not be supported in s4.
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