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  1. Also, yes, when controlling lights. It does fine in the beginning.... this was why I was asking if I could put a dwell,,, just to put the lyrics a little ahead of the beginning. .... it’s pretty rare for songs to just come up with words. But to this one. I can just guess.... or like JR said earlier, get him to shoot me the 1st or 1.5 second of it so it’s 100% correct.
  2. Here ya go guys. No matter where I start the songs. It always has the delay. It hasn’t been a problem on any of my songs until this one. So I’ve just dealt with setting the grid a little behind where I wanna see.
  3. I’ll post a video of what I’m getting in a bit. It’s gonna be later though
  4. every time i pull up a new song... i have to re arrange my props all over again... even after saving items...it still ends up moving them around.... can this be set along with the preview in some way that it does not scramble them?
  5. is there a way to do this? the preview doesn't register fast enough for me to see the first couple words of the song im working on...
  6. Here I am by Brian Adams might be a good one.
  7. And of course Simple man.... lynyrd skynyrd... OR by shinedown... goodluck!!! And congrats!!!! If you aren’t into these, let me know what kinda Music you are into to and I’ll keeep looking for you
  8. Creed... arms wide open, this is by far one of my “get lost” songs.. I love it. It sucks me into it every time.
  9. ANYTHING LIKE ME by brad paisely just read the first few words.... " I remember sayin' I don't care either wayJust as long as he or she is healthy I'm okayThen the doctor pointed to the corner of the screenAnd said "Ya see that thing right there, well you know what that means"...
  10. IM BLUE BADABEEEBADA DA DABLE DEE!!!!!!!! lol BLUE by eiffel 65! ive been wanting this song in my collection lol mighh just be my next one now lol
  11. that is really cool//// i believe i would have had the room completely dark with a rgb light inside each water spout....... this reminds me of those spotlights that some people put in top of their houses.
  12. Just checked, HS still has the wrong audio.the correct one doesn’t sound muffled.
  13. The real one is MUCH better. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=jrT9tcAyMMY..... the one you sent isn’t correct
  14. Also, that is the wrong sound file, I messaged HOliday sequences earlier today, and they emailed me back and said they corrected it... the youtube link you sent me is not the correct sound file...... there are two on amazon music. HS said he was in a hurry when he did it. But he claims it is fixed now... I will check it out and see later tonight.
  15. It’s crazy to see they already have the two that I haven’t seen anywhere until the past 3-4 months. As soon as I saw them on the movies, I brought it up to the forum’s attention. Holiday sequences have catchy song on theirs too. But they have the right name of the song, But when you play the video on their website, it’s The other version on amazon. Not the movie version.
  16. https://www.pixelprodisplays.com/product/the-lego-movie-2-catchy-song/ i would LOVE to get my hands on their tree sequence!! apparently its a member ship, and it looks like its only Xlights
  17. i just saw this on pixel pros website https://www.pixelprodisplays.com/product/christina-aguilera-haunted-heart/
  18. I’m gonna have to do that...I save about every 20 seconds in a song. But I don’t have any copies of the same thing. they are just originals.
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