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  1. Nice job! What’s the specs on your matrix hangin over your porch? It looks like a good size for me! And how did you hang it?
  2. Immaculate circles! Looks like they are conducting the song at the beginning! this is my favorite I’ve seen with the circles..... can’t WAIT to get mine together this year.
  3. Nice job! Always love to see rock music in a show. Lol the rock music that I really wanna use wouldn’t be appealing to too many people 🤪🤘🏼
  4. WHOA! At 45 seconds. Looks like that entire tree is covered! LOL 😂 MOST PEOPLE STOP... looks like you want all the way up! Lol nice job!
  5. https://www.holidaycoro.com/CableGuard-CG-1500-Mounting-Enclosure-p/637.htm https://www.holidaycoro.com/Light-o-Rama-LOR-Pixie-8-16-Mounting-Kit-CG1500-p/633-kit1.htm You can order an enclosure with the mounting kit link also. Everything you need to mount it, options include power supply, pigtails, wires. Everything you need. good luck! I jumped all in last year! WHEN you need some help, ask away!
  6. James and JR seems to be the only ones giving all the time.... Its time to start passing around! and I don't mean pass Mine around. LOL There are TONS of Christmas Sequences ALL over on several websites. I like to do the odd ball stuff :) I just know this was a big song that alot of people liked. (Wife Included) This is called Sequence SHARING.... lol PM me if interested in the Faces. If not, then Happy Sequencing! Thanks! Chance
  7. You will change this in your Prop Definition. you posted this in S5,,, but your signature says S4
  8. in S5,you will have that outcome if you only have the prop setup as a dumb or traditional string of lights. they have to be set as smart pixels, .. i am not familiar with pixels in S4... but each port on a pixie is a different unit ID. Port 1 = Unit ID 01 Port 2 = Unit ID 02 Port 3 = Unit ID 03 and so on..... I dont have an answer, but I would check these if it were S5.
  9. Mine has definitely been Taking the Jump into RGB only being my 2nd year doing this, Everything I did was new to me this year., It wouldnt have been possible without some help this year. I am very Grateful... for the help, and having a patient wife. lol I have learned alot this year. Ive been working on it since March. Sadly I have lacked in Sequencing time due to taking on such a challenge... next year will probably be only christmas for me. I really want to take my time and make sure it is what i want it to be... halloween is a nice time to set up and test. but it took away some precious Christmas sequencing time.
  10. Pretty neat. And expensive I’m sure lol never seen it before
  11. Found this on Walmart’s website! watch the video. pretty wild. https://corporate.walmart.com/newsroom/2020/11/23/walmart-lights-up-the-sky-with-all-new-holiday-drone-light-show
  12. I have imported the online prop from SUperstar online props,,,, sent the SUP file into s5 on 1 row just like LOR tutorial says... it looks great in the preview. the tree is doing some crazy stuff, some strings are working, some are only half working,.... I have imported a leprop file that was set up as a matrix,.. still got the exact some outcome.... since obvously, the way LOR says to import SUP files does not work, my next option is to create 800 ME rows , select custom under the prop, and individually click each node and assign it to a ME row... is there another way to do this?...
  13. I have not. That’s cool to hang it anywhere like that. Basically the same way I do, but I only hang where the j channel is. This is cool.
  14. That’s how I mounted my pvc window outlines. holiday Coro clips mounted to J channel. set up and tear down is a BREEEZZZEEE
  15. I didn’t know you could do that. Is that on his website?
  16. Sorry for the sideways pictures.but that’s the corner at the top of the vinyl siding...... the second picture is how I hung my window outline... j channel in j channel
  17. at the top of the siding, there will be a piece of J channel, you should be able to get something to hang from that.... some form of a small hook should fit in there... hang a string then the snowflakes off of it...... you may can go get you a piece of j channel,,, if you have room, just make your scrap piece hook into the J that’s on your house... idk if you will have room, but you may.
  18. Just got mine from Kevin. lol I don’t want my voice in my show! Lol it’s really cool. Highly recommended. You’ll get several files that you can use that have been broken down to categories. Open, close, final night, charity, neighbors.... also he is very quick to respond and I had to get something adjusted that didn’t take him long at all! thanks Kevin!
  19. YES! save you 10 minutes of HU looking for controllers lol
  20. Yes. you can do that. That’s what most people do. I wouldn’t kill it. You just need to hold it there, not choke it out 🤣 so don’t tighten the zip up too hard.
  21. Will you send the link to the sequence you bought? you could take a 16 channel and make it 100 channels just depending on the props.
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