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  1. Awesome. I just ordered 50 of them with the pvc clips. this was definitely an answer to something ive needed. Thanks guys.
  2. this whole week ive been trying to think of a way to mount my pvc to the ridges of my house without drilling holes for the holiday coro clips... which several have broken on me, after a few months,,, i found these on an old christmas expo video.. how are these? anyone on here use them? https://www.cannysystems.com/
  3. Send me your Email address please
  4. ALSO! Save you some money, go ahead and order some vegetable glycerin and distilled water. I mix mine 75/25..... it’s thick.
  5. YES! this one has the full drum roll I couldn’t find last year! can I please have this also? weigh2fast4u@yahoo.com
  6. In this case, my cross is new. and there is nothing to pair it to..... I did not have any previous sequencing done on it though... I just want some more detailed info on this screen. I can’t afford to lose stuff again. This will be the 3rd time having to resequence songs if anything is archived. just looking for info on the screen so I won’t mess anything up....
  7. let’s say I created a group, sequenced half of a song with effects on that group. what happens with this screen comes up and there is a NEW group? Will it archive what I’ve already done if there is nothing to pair it to? same goes for new props.... if I add a prop, sequence it, save and close. Will this screen come back up? A new prop will have nothing to pair it to. if anyone has a link with full details on this screen, it would be greatly appreciated.
  8. I’m getting a clipboard problem when trying to copy a row of motion effects. it says “object reference not set to and instance of an object.”..... no clue what that means... 🤣 how can I get rid of this.
  9. This is off topic. Thank you for the help with that. If needed, I can put in a new thread..... everything to music is based off of timings.... would it be possible to get more effects that was able to “fit to duration?...” maybe add a chase feature. Add fit to duration to things like Scanner that doesn’t have it. Idk how hard that would be.
  10. I realize that now. I did it on my dumb rgb channels before. Not ME rows. Is there a way to do what I am trying to do?
  11. I see now. Sorry, I’ve been up since 6am yesterday. Lol going to bed now 😴
  12. please let me know if there is a new way to do this... trying to change colors of current effects.... without modifying the effect itself.... please watch video before answering.
  13. have you tried to enable channel level on prop to get it back? I’m not sure that you will get previous effects back that were there. But this should get the channel back with the crosshatches gone.
  14. anyone have a more detailed explanation or an example of what "merge motion effects means?"
  15. Really cool! I’d hate to have to cut the grass with that!
  16. What all is in your display. Singing faces? Just beats? What all are you looking for... I see you run S5 also. Is this correct?
  17. Does anyone have the beats to this they would like to share?
  18. when you have existing motion effects that gets archived,, is there any way to get those effects back when you add the prop out of archives? in s5. i asked in the chat of your meeting tonight
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