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  1. YES!!!! MAKE 100% sure of this. I lost 100 nodes because I had 1 fail. This string I had up happened to be RBG. Not RGB. Everything I had To replace it wIsh was right.... ended up having to replace the whole strand....
  2. Just set this out there like I did. All the kids ran off🤣 of course they still got candy https://vimeo.com/436292926/recommended
  3. I feel that Some people would be open to hand out candy canes, others will not. it al depends on the people.... I handed them out last year also,,,,I personally will not be doing that this year.
  4. I bought these same floods Last year. if you want a shimmer effect, your gonna have to turn them on first. They have a slow on and slow off effect. The best thing I can tell you is just turn them off and on... on for .3 of a second, and off .3 of a second... and even then they won’t turn all the way off. But that’s the closest thing you can use to go along with the shimmer.
  5. Of course! please send me the link to the audio for it.
  6. HEY! You’re in SC?! where by chance? 🤣 (Hence my name is chance) if so, which church? what are your plans with the lights? I am located in Bethune SC. If you are in the Midlands, I’ll be glad help with whatever I can.
  7. Doesn’t matter now! lol I ripped all of them off and going back with whole new strings that match..... THIS is good information for sure. Thank you. Learning a lot this year. After this junk, I’m really hoping these modules make it to Christmas. I bought spares. But if I have to do this 2 more times, I’m gonna be out of luck.
  8. Just cut open 1 pixel from each of my order.... one of them has a “world semi WS2811” chip. The one that’s giving me problems doesn’t have any marks on the chip. But beside the chip, it has 7576.
  9. Last year I did exactly what you were thinking, “the last two weeks leading up to Halloween” however, that was only because I didn’t have all of my stuff done... I live in a very small town that is 20 minutes from everywhere. I may have had 15cars come last Halloween. For me, running the show 31 days in October will be overkill to the number of visitors that I have.. i will most likely be doing the same this year... I will just start advertising right now. Right now I’m probably going to shoot for October 15th. my song list will be a good bit longer by another 2 weeks also.... I have to work t
  10. These are ws2811 3 node modules. Samsung brand. I bought off eBay. And some off amazon. I have around 700 of them.
  11. Well that sucks. I haven’t had any of of that trouble the whole time. I’ve got my whole house outlined and this is the first time I’ve ran into this problem
  12. what can be done here? i have LOTS of spares. i have tried many of them tonight.... my original string is blue and the new one is green...
  13. You MIGHT be able to request for them to send it Usps, idk if they will do that. I know Holiday coro has before for me.
  14. Guys do these fit snug on your shingles? The best I could get was the middle tabs on the ends. And that left about a 3/8 gap between the mount and the shingle.
  15. Are you running a show or just testing right now? last time it did this to me, I unplugged everything, plugged it back up and just hit refresh to let it find it again. I have not had any trouble since. last time it did that to me, I upgraded the S5 software. Idk if it lost its memory for the comm port or what. idk how that works.
  16. growing up i always thought id be up late nights working on some hotrod.... lol that was my nickname in school lol "hotrod" yet, here i am, on a laptop at 2am. .. home, on vacation.... messing with my HEAVY LIGHT ADDICTION 😂 hahaha
  17. Email address to send I need. 🤣
  18. As far as the pixie 2 goes. I haven’t used one before... however, yes, when you set the prop up, you can modify the number of nodes. I’m not sure how to set up a star.. I do know that there are some online star props within S5 that youcan download, they may even already have the prop set up for the numbers you are looking for.. when you click add prop, there will be a list of online props you can add...... when you put the nodes in, the extra two, just cut them off,,,,, get some heat string and silicone, put the heat shrink on the wires, silicone in the heat shrink and heat it up, th
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