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  1. I have IOS. I just use safari. If you are saying I can download chrome and it works then I will try that.
  2. Yup. I have 6 notifications up top that I’ve already accessed through my laptop. But the icons are still there on my phone. Can’t do anything about it. Exactly what Phil said.
  3. When are all the features going to be available on the mobile website again? This has been going on for several months now. Can’t read any personal messages on here unless search for them under my Email. just wondering
  4. Let’s do 150 for both. I know they may sit here for a while being local pickup. But I am not shipping them lol
  5. these are RGB dumb nodes. On the HC RGB singing pumpkin. due to new work loads, I will not be doing Halloween. I am putting all focus on Christmas this year. if anyone is interested. I ran these for 1 season with no problems at all on the nodes.... these are dumb nodes. if anyone wants them 100 bucks each. That’s with the 2x4 frames and everything. no controller. I know local pickup is hard. But I know there are several people who do this in the Surrounding areas.... I’ll meet in Lancaster, Sumter, Columbia, Pageland and Florence if needed. That should cover some extra miles if anyone is interested.
  6. Yeah! I love this song. Always have, then when it got on guardians of the galaxy I was stoked lol
  7. I personally called the FCC. told me as long as it was under 2W I would be fine... I also asked what was a safe station in my area and they just told me to search for unused ones. This rangestar only reaches about a 1/3 of a mile clearly. I can still hear interference to about 3/4 of a mile. Anyone correct me if you like. But I called them to make sure. rangestar all the way.
  8. 2019 I used it to run a 7rpm motor for a flying crank ghost and a fog machine during Halloween.
  9. I personally have used the cze,,,, I would not recommend this. yes it’s a good price and works fine if it is set right. I used it for 2019, the church used it for a bit. It started to get crackly...... the Rangestar that JR is talking about is what I have now, and I would HIGHLY recommend it. I used it this past year. It costs more. But you and everyone else listening to it will be a lot happier with it.... it’s the same wattage, but there it is apparently made better.... it is CRYSTAL. no matter what radio is playing it. 0 static ever..... save the money and get the rangestar. IMO..... everyone has their preferences . But I’ve had both.
  10. I have not used pixels in S4, I would be no help to you. It would be better to ask how than to try and study other work. Or go to the LOR website and check out some of the tutorials on S4 Pixel editor. I would start here. Good luck! And if you feel like making a swap over to S5, I can help more. There are still many many people using S4. Chance
  11. DANG! I would have bought it. You are only 2 hours from me.
  12. 3rd gen. Bought it in 2019. Moving over to all rgb. This is my last one. what little bit I do have I am just going to run on a timer this year. PM Me an offer! take in account it’s gonna take probably 20 bucks to ship it! LOR ASSEMBLED. Pictures if needed.
  13. Yes. Search on the forum for what you want, if we don’t have it. Ask about it on the sequence sharing... make sure it’s not on here first.... I believe there is going to be another option open to buying sometime this year. I heard something about it a few months back. Never heard a date though.
  14. If enough evidence accumulates to support a hypothesis, it moves to the next step — known as a theory — in the scientific method and becomes accepted as a valid explanation of a phenomenon. ... Theories may change, or the way that they are interpreted may change, but the facts themselves don't change........ the Fact is, you don’t need power injection..... JR posted evidence that proves it.
  15. Yes. This is true..... just connect all of them like you want,.. turn on full white and adjust intensity until pink is not there....... good to go.... and NO PI will be needed
  16. Yeah, I broke down some of my house outline into sections. My columns are 3 node modules, 10 down and 10 up.... I set it up as a vertical matrix with 1 string and 1 bend on each column.... then broke them down into 5 sections for beats up and down.... the 4 lights on the bottom was 1 section. And so forth..... just go to the prop to add ME rows. Select “custom” instead of None. then just click the nodes on the right to select which nodes you want that ME row to control.
  17. Yes you can do that. You can subsection every prop!
  18. Awesome! And yeah. I had to look back at my emails. I thought your name looked familiar! I’m full of brain farts lol. thanks man!
  19. lol didn’t get to see Mickey.Disney didn’t have character meetings! Disney was fun last week though! Trying to remember if I told you or how you knew I went to Disney world! Lol so you built these out of 8 rows of ribbons?
  20. Thanks! I’ve had a lot of help through last year while learning. Wouldn’t have happened without all you guys. still learning! I don’t think it will ever end with this hobby! DEFINITELY learned some tips and tricks all across the board. With the help I got, I alone was able to sequence my house outline from start to finish in a single day... that song turned out to be several of favorites on MIIP. .... To whoever is reading this. Its worth going Pro level. Bite the bullet and utilize the tools. Looking forward to learning all year this time. 😁
  21. I had to work from December 3-to January 10th with only 6 days off due to my partners at work getting sick and didn’t get a chance to take any videos with the camera due to night shift and being worn slam out. Wish I would have been able to get a better video and at night. But this year was great..... first year moving to rgb..... and it only gets bigger from here 🤣 depends on how much money I can talk the wife into. Lol there will be some trades and deals worked out 😝
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