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  1. I am not on much anymore due to work load. But decided to share this one. Give me a day or so to be able to send it…. if your preview does not look like this. Then you didn’t copy and paste it correctly.
  2. Bethune SC will meet you at the state line in any direction! except the eastern line. 🤣
  3. Those smart nodes on those windows are looking good!
  4. Dang kids and those BB guns! We too have one that is pretty bright. I have it tried. But we are a small town. The mayor was talking last year how excited he was to have something like our house in town. He was very supportive of it.. so, I am sure they, and the town hall, would not have a problem with it being off.... cars are supposed to have headlights. There are no streetlights in the country. I don’t see how you could be at fault...... but, I’ve not tried asking them yet. thanks, chance Harris
  5. Are you doing this on one single window? Or trying to do one effect across multiple props at once?
  6. I don’t know that I would you will need to figure out a way to keep the fog machine hot all the time..., idk what fog machine you have.... I ended up just buying a timer that ran 20 seconds every 5 minutes.... you should be able to do it that way. But the fog machine is going to turn off between every song. I understand you want it to blow on people as they walk by. idk if you could use this at the same time as LOR would be working. check out www.frightprops.com you may find what you are looking for on there.. I know I’ve bought quite a few fun things on there for Halloween! hope this helps!
  7. Idk about yours, but I took donations for the local fire dept last year,. Not only was it beneficial for them, but the word got out faster because they advertised it for me also. idk how you feel about that, I set out a donation box like several of the people on the forum. Just had 100% went to them in my show. If you set up something like that for them this year, they may help you. same goes as the “you scratch my back, I scratch yours” kinda deal.
  8. Ragged old flag is a good one! I don’t have it because I don’t do a show for the 4th. But JR told me about that song when I was considering doing it for last year! just throwing that out there!
  9. Search the forums for these songs and see if there are some threads with these songs already. If there are, request a copy, make sure to read the instructions on the song. And if it’s available, they may share it., if not, there are a few of these over several websites. I know Michael Buble is on LOR sequence website, I know a few of these are on HolidaySequences.com. and I know the I believe in Santa song is floating out there with a certain person who is planning on selling it soon. BUT search the forums for each song you are asking...... and best pick you about 3 favorites to request.. it it frowned upon when someone request so may free ones at a time.. idk how you are with sequencing. but take your time. You could do the ones that you can’t find. good luck!
  10. “Lightster Ensemble” or “Lightster Assembly” I like the first one! That way we can hear everyone mispronounce it 🤣
  11. I think that is a cool idea. As far as the name goes. LOR ZOOM ROOM, is simple, legible, and to the point.
  12. Even my kids.... 2 and 4. LOVE going to daddy’s shop.... my little girl (4) spent the night with her Mimi the night before Last.... she called me that night and said, “Daddy, when I wake up, I want you to come pick me up. Then, I wanna go play in your shop while you work on your car, and and and and I can help you again if you want.” No she isn’t 10, lol but I don’t think that matters. They all wanna learn something right now.. make it fun. And give them something that they can do!. As far as the eating goes....both of my kids are always hungry. it doesn’t matter... you are going to have to throw in some healthy snacks for them in your grocery list... if not, they will honey bun, nutty bar, and PB&J themselves to death!
  13. 1 Answer to all of this is... Who cares what the layout is. Who cares what the prop definition is. I can take a plain basic single 16 channel controller sequence and make my entire show with RGB, channel level enabled and everything. And make it perfect.... IF that person who created the sequence has their timings on point. a person can do anything they want to with proper timing. No matter the house layout. No matter the prop def. this whole thing is TIMING. But you are right. singers and SS sequences are a little different. tons of people just don’t bother putting in the time to learn. That’s what’s wrong with today’s society. Scared to work and just too lazy. this is year going to be slack for me because why? Because of work. This is a hobby for me. Just like all the rest of us. But a person can’t just be given everything all the time. do what your good at. And offer it as a trade for what you are weak on. and #1, there is always someone higher up. There is always someone better. Y are they better? Because they worked at it. Anyone has a right to share or not to. And the ones who have been for so long are tired of getting run over. I don’t blame them.
  14. You can make Any holiday good with Van Halen. Lol..... 🤘🏼 also.... Santa Van Halen MIGHT, have used a little too much distortion to cover up some mistakes 🤣
  15. I hope not frozen. Or baby shark. Lol.. I’m still thinking and searching for that one song. .. sadly, new Christmas songs come out last minute... new dance fun songs have to have something vulgar in it that you don’t really want kids singing. Lol so.... if something comes to you!!! Let us all know!!!
  16. WYZE CAMS ROCK! Lol sorry Phil lol I had to. I’ve got 4 of their cams. lol I may jump into moving heads next year. But kudos to those of you that already have it figured out. A few my close friends on here are taking the jump this year. So I’m sure I will not be far behind. Lol maybe next year.... I’ll most likely be in another house so everything New this this year is going to be yard only additions. Let us know how it all works out.... would love some videos of peoples yards who use them... the only live ones that I have seen are the Tom BetGeorge ones.
  17. PLUS 1 on the canny system. I’m gonna use them to mount my RGB C9s this year....... personally, I would not do the pipe on the roof. I don’t like the way it looks. I did that last year with the RGB modules.... it looked great. But I didn’t like it at all during the day.
  18. That did not work for me Requesting desktop site did not change anything on google chrome app..... I am unable to find the “request desktop site” on IOS now. It has been a while since I’ve had that option. Idk if apple did away with it or what. I used to use it all the time...
  19. I have IOS. I just use safari. If you are saying I can download chrome and it works then I will try that.
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