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  1. That’s how I mounted my pvc window outlines. holiday Coro clips mounted to J channel. set up and tear down is a BREEEZZZEEE
  2. I didn’t know you could do that. Is that on his website?
  3. Sorry for the sideways pictures.but that’s the corner at the top of the vinyl siding...... the second picture is how I hung my window outline... j channel in j channel
  4. at the top of the siding, there will be a piece of J channel, you should be able to get something to hang from that.... some form of a small hook should fit in there... hang a string then the snowflakes off of it...... you may can go get you a piece of j channel,,, if you have room, just make your scrap piece hook into the J that’s on your house... idk if you will have room, but you may.
  5. Just got mine from Kevin. lol I don’t want my voice in my show! Lol it’s really cool. Highly recommended. You’ll get several files that you can use that have been broken down to categories. Open, close, final night, charity, neighbors.... also he is very quick to respond and I had to get something adjusted that didn’t take him long at all! thanks Kevin!
  6. YES! save you 10 minutes of HU looking for controllers lol
  7. Yes. you can do that. That’s what most people do. I wouldn’t kill it. You just need to hold it there, not choke it out 🤣 so don’t tighten the zip up too hard.
  8. Will you send the link to the sequence you bought? you could take a 16 channel and make it 100 channels just depending on the props.
  9. About 2 months ago, I got one that said, “ you will be the center of attention in the near future” my wife’s cookie didn’t have a fortune in it! Lol we were scared to drive home! 😂
  10. Santa’s Enchanted Mailbox. and 6 staybright snowflakes. sorry for the sideways pictures. I tried to rotate them on my phone. 30$ for the mail box and free shipping 170 for the snowflakes and free shipping.
  11. If you turn them on individually, are they in the correct order? It sounds like one of them may need to be swapped with the last one.
  12. My entire house is lined with 3 node modules. They are strings of 20, 10down and 10 up on my columns
  13. Without a doubt! I agree! It was one of the things that I loved. But was getting inconsistencies last night, And it’s working now.
  14. when I added my Pixies, I never actually "ADDED" the pixie controllers. S4 adds controllers. Up to now, I only added the row after creating the preview.... I Added my AC channels (just the channels) that i am using to the preview (signs). and just turned them on in the grid... while test running my show last night,,, they would not work all the time..... Since i added the controller..... all are working fine....
  15. Trying to add 2 signs to AUX A. 1 16 channel AC controller 2 dumb controllers all on aux A i added the signs to the preview. turned them Both on in the grid. play a sequence, no lights on AC channels there is no option to append to view. everything else is working fine.
  16. I really appreciate all the help I have gotten this year from you guys. show starts off tomorrow night! I have learned a whole lot since I started making the swap in late March. I can never thank y’all enough! Happy Halloween, Chance Harris
  17. When saving the entire LOR files to an SD card, the preview files go Along with it also. I copied you whole LOR file to a 64gb SD card. Then transferred to my desktop and played a sequence. Looks like everything worked. i have not ran a show from the desktop though.
  18. looking for some ideas.. just seeing if y’all have any input! Where did you get it, if it’s still available, post a link if you can! I already know we want a lighted nativity. Preferably not blow molds. some suggestions or experiences with those would be nice too.
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