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  1. thanks to everyone.... anyone know where i can get some dependable RGB rope lights for my columns?
  2. you're saying the controller itself cant handle 9 ribbons? on 120v? and im just going to do standard icicles on my 16 channel controller and have ribbons above it
  3. the only power injection options that i see are for intelligent ones. not dumb ones.... right now i am at an understanding that i need........ 6 dumb ribbons.= 6 outputs 6 25ft extensions. the 25ft extension runs in the middle to a T...... the T goes to each power supply.. then a T comes out of one power supply to power 2 of the ribbons. 16ft ribbon------power supply 16ft ribbon---power supply----16ft ribbon... I_________________T___________________I is this correct? at this point, i have 7 of the
  4. i would want the dumb RGB icicles... ive already got around 1k in what i have already. i coulld just do the easy thing and buy another basic 16 channel controller so i would have a 32 channel system..... but since i am just starting..... id really rather start on the RGB system..... could one of yall put together a list for me of the things i would need to keep it under 1000 dollars... id really like to be able to go full white... i guess the main focus would me the icicles and my columns..... that will open up 7 channels on my other controller for other things also... im plann
  5. okay so,,,, i have several questions..... right now i have a 16 channel controller.... basic kit. this is ran on a 15 amp breaker... i have 2100 LED string lights. my house.... i have 6.. 7 foot columns on the front of my porch.. my front door in the middle and 1 window on each side of the entry door....... i want to buy an RGB dumb controller... i dont think i can tackle a pixel yet.... the 8 channel dumb controller. i want to wrap my columns with the 15 ft ribbons..... but everything else will take multiple strands connected to each other. ive been ordering stuff from W
  6. sorry this didnt show me any replies as a notification badge.. i didnt assign that channel to a circuit on SE,,, after i did that. everything worked great!
  7. just 16 channels.... and yes its christmas colors... but we live in a rural area and i bought Christmas colored lights just so i could reuse them..... ive had a pretty good turn out so far... i hope to add another 16 channels for christmas.... i had to cut it in order to get it to fit enter sandman.wlmp
  8. can i use this if i dont have rgb? im gonna add another controller for christmas.... id like this just for a singing face.if so,,, i need this one and one for let it go if you have it! weigh2fast4u@yahoo.com
  9. nice job!!! this is my first year doing this. im scared to take the jump to rgb.
  10. copy a channel sequence on one song and copy it to another song channel???
  11. i have a third of it done. and i am running out of time, i have a singing prelit pumpkin that i bought from lowes. and two back up singer pumpkins.... no singing faces.... this last song will make my show almost 20 minutes. how long is a typical show? i figured most people are not going to park there for much longer. first year trying it out. lol so far i have 1000 dollars in it. i just bought a whole bunch of LED lights that will work for Christmas colors too. probably gonna spend another 5-600 on it. before christmas. i only have the 16 channel kit. depending on how it turns out t
  12. i have a lead singer pumpkin that will not light up during play but will during hardware testing... whats going on??
  13. awesome. i have some of those but wasnt crazy about sliding them under my shingles. ive got a 120 ft strand going up and back down i need to put up but just wanted to double check and see if there was any other options that you guys were using.
  14. okay that sounds good. and i dont think i can afford RGB stuff lol i may do faces next year and add another 16 channels.. lol but im the only one working and we have two kids.... that rgb stuff is expensive. but you never know haha ive got 1000 dollars in stuff already just with the 16 channel... but yeah that sounds good to me if you dont mind.... weigh2fast4u@yahoo.com..... and what is the best way to put string lights on the peaks of my roof without damaging my shingles?
  15. i was just talking about without the pixels
  16. ca i have this one too? weigh2fast4u@yahoo.com
  17. this is free right now!!! https://magicallightshows.com/collections/free-sequences/products/best-of-disney-villains-lor-sequence
  18. i would like the standard version of this also? that song is an awesome idea... too bad it isnt the trolls version! haha weigh2fast4u@yahoo.com
  19. I would like this also! I only have a 16 channel system but i need to add some more songs for a longer show ( currently watching HP) lol
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