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  1. I’m sorry for not being more specific, but I was wanting to run ribbons or pixels.... the viewing distance is 25-75 feet..... how many pixels, the spacing, how many controllers would I need for this?
  2. I have a picture with the measurements..... holiday coro charges 150$ for this service....... i was wondering if anyone would be willing to help me with my layout...... probably not... but its worth a try......
  3. Thanks for the reply! And at church this morning, the preacher walked up to me and asked if I would be interested in helping them set up one for the church. Said they had some money allocated for one if I could help them do one that told the Christmas story. So I was pretty happy. We are supposed to sit down this week... I’m kinda anxious to hear how much money they think they have for it... so apparently my show made a statement for the community enough for everyone at the church to agree to doing one! Haha but idk how much money they think they have for it. I told him how much I had in all of it, and he didn’t blink so, I’m anxious to see what comes of it!!!!
  4. finally got to my computer with the picture on it... here was my layout this year if this helps any. We park to he right of my house and there is a set of steps over there because we park in front of my house. this picture was taken from the white line on the other side of my road.... after seeing this,,,, think i am better with just Dumb RGBs on them. while running pixels for the roof and facia? I know i need to add more to my "massive front yard" but for first year, I was happy with it.
  5. I’m assuming you are saying a pixie4 for each column.... I have been thinking of trying to utilize a pixie16... but.., a controller on each column would eliminate any kind of extensions needed... which would definitely be better.... and I’d like to keep it around 150-200 nodes per column.... just because I had 200 lights wrapped on each column.... so back to what I said, I imagine you are saying to use a pixie4 for each column. If I need to, I could use a pixie 8 on each column. And keep from overloading... 6 pixie 8s over a period of 6 months isn’t too bad! I could manage a column a month. Lol.... whatever it takes 😬🥴
  6. I 2nd this question... I see Ray Wu stuff everywhere. and this year was my first year.... when is the summer sale? So I can be ready. And how much of a sale is it usually?
  7. That’s exactly what I was thinking... will the square nodes still work on the netting? I can’t post the picture of my house using my phone. But the ride is VERY close. And the viewing would be no more than 60 degrees... I was not looking for a wrap, due to as it went around, the nodes would look dull..... and the 1.5” spacing is really one of the answers I was looking for.... but how many rows should it be? My house is 25-30 feet from the road. But everyone pulls across the street. How many controllers would I need? To run 5 or 6 rows on 6 columns? if I can get a list of what I need, then I can start reading more on how it all works and what I need to do from there. Just need help with what controllers, ( I’m sure the E 1.31,, but, I’m sure I’m gonna need more than 1 controller for the columns.
  8. Yes. I wrapped those fancy enormous columns. Haha but yeah, I could do the whole dumb stuff. But I was thinking of the snow effect, equalizers, etc. lol
  9. I have 6 Columns on my house..the goal for this year is to have pixels on each column, house outline and rgb floods on the house, I wanna get started with the RGB early since there isnt anyone around here doing RGBs. before i end up with 100,000 lights and 15 AC controllers.. i need to go ahead and take the jump...... my question is... how many pixels woukd suffice on 7ft columns,, they are 8" in diameter. I dont need them wrapped all the way... i was thinking 5 or 6 strands of 50 nodes. on each column.. but if i did that,,,, how many controllers would i need?
  10. WOW. THANK YOU!!!!! Trying this out this year really has been fun.,... it was also a major obsession... i am 28 years old. When i was younger, i wanted to do the lights and electronics for concerts..... haha who would have thought that i could do it with my own house....... my wife told me at one point,,,, that that lights seemed to take away from our time together. so next year i am going to have to work on things little by little instead of slamming everything together from september to december. Guys, I really do love this. my wife has been really down from others not supporting the animal rescue... but..... i dont have facebook. my wife made a facebook for me if you guys wanna check it out... i dont know if you can see it but its a like page "College Street Light Show" and Fostering Foster animal rescue posted a little video and stuff for me when i set their banner out.... thank you guys, I needed this..... and i am not all about the donations. i am not about publicity. i just want to make a family tradition for others and hear that kids love it.... the neighbors said that their daughter who is 43 watched the entire thing over and over for 4 hours///, all of their grandkids were dancing and singing. I have two kids myself. my daughter is almost 3 her name is Selah (Say-Lah) and Mikey who just turned 1.... I want this to be our thing every year to experience doing together. the day we set it up and going... i sat my little boy on the lawn and watched his eyes go 100mph. kicking and screaming (in a good way). i dont want this to hinder our family time. i want it to be something we do together... sometimes my wife wants to get bigger and better with it... sometimes i get, this takes up too much time. so... i guess thats why i have had mixed emotions...... I am a machinist. and any little thing that doesnt look right, bothers the hound outta me... but my wife broker her arm on november 10th and i have been Mr Mom since then and trying to get all of this done... so i am not 100% happy with this years sequencing. but... try to find me on facebook, if you cant find it on there, look up Alyssa Harris in Bethune SC. and go from there.... if anything needs the support it needs to go on there... But all in all<>>>>> I LOVE THIS. the Kids LOVE IT. i makes me smile. my neighbors love it. and he is a "car counter" too... who also manages a LOWES.. WHOOT WHOOT. LOL Thanks Guys..... Best inspiration ever... i wasnt expecting all the respsonses!!!
  11. THUMBS UP FOR THE WYZE CAM! haha i actually have my WYZE CAM set out looking at the road and set to trigger it when a car rides up, i can scroll through the triggers and see when a car rides up and how long they stay.
  12. THIS IS MESMERIZING! AMAZING!!!!!! NICE JOB! would love the link to your YouTube channel!
  13. nice job! i didn't have much luck with this song! i ended up taking it off. mainly because the crowd that comes to my house is older that was pulling off during this song.. you did fantastic!
  14. figured out how to change the size on microsoft word.... channels are the roof, blue line behind the icicles, icicles, door, each snowflake, each column, the yard sign ( off to the left), the snowman, the tree star and the two christmas trees then of course 16 channels on the tree.
  15. this was my first year. with 32 channels. 6000 lights..... what is the normal car visitors that come for the first year? we partnered up with fostering foster animal rescue and set a donation box and banner out.... i have gotten my wife to put several videos on facebook. and i have been running the show every day since december 12th...... the total cars we have had to stop is around 30..... we are located in a town thats about 20 minutes from two heavily populated towns. the majority of the ones that come only sit for about 5-10 minutes.... basically 2 songs. its been a let down having over 1500 dollars and soooooo much time in it.... i am sure i have sounded like a broken record asking people to share it on facebook. and we have had a fair amount of views and shares. I really enjoy this hobby. the feedback i have gotten has been fantastic from the people that have came. its a bummer looking on the camera and only seeing one car stop for 5 minutes or less in a night..... i have 9 songs. the show is about 30 minutes. should i throw in the towel. and not take all this crazy time and money for next year? of just throw another 1500-2000 dollars in it next year. and hope for more donations and support next year? is it really worth it? people drive a long ways to see Christmas lights. do i cut it off since christmas is over? or keep running it until new years? is this normal for the first year? how do you keep spending the money and time on it when little support comes?
  16. just went today and bought 41 boxes of LED multicolors 10 boxes of cool white LED icicles, and 4 more snowflakes all for 200 dollars all from lowes. haha left the house at 630am to get them
  17. Lowe’s has Led a at 50% off now until Christmas. Walmart’s price hasn’t changed.
  18. I too would love to check this one out. i promise not to sell or share. weigh2fast4u@yahoo.com
  19. I 2nd this lol. The ones they have are good. I just wish they had the standard controller 16-64 channel options without the pixel tree for all of their songs. The good ones still take a lot of work to do. However. Nothing is like the ones that you take the time to do yourself.
  20. E brown sent me the audio. I have the LMS I made from it and the Audio from him. make sure it’s okay with him. I don’t wanna step on anyone’s toes! You gotta leave your email for someone to send them to you.
  21. I would also, LMS please “I agree to not sell or share this sequence with anyone. This request will be used for my private, personal use on my show only. I also understand the mere fact of making changes to the borrowed sequence and pasting it in to my sequence does not make it mine to share". weigh2fast4u@yahoo.com
  22. i need this in my life.. cant seem to figure out a way to pull the sound from youtube. any other idea???? i
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