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  1. I agree, I’ve been thinking though. This will only be my second year doing the show, I wanna start with something simple... if this year goes good, I may do nets this year. Or some other kind of design. If yours had withstood the weather for 3 years +, then no matter what, I can always add to later , I’m gonna use the 3 node strips everywhere this year, they are cheaper to cover more area.
  2. I would love to be able to put about 4-6 rows of nodes on each column... I just can’t afford all those nodes and the controllers that it would take to run 2400 nodes. Lol
  3. Haha look back at my original post. I have “actual” columns. lol not a mansion. But I got columns 😂
  4. Thanks guys.... and JR, i just ordered 200 from the link you sent me... I will play with those when they come in. by the time they get here, i should have the software. and will need some help after that! i can play with my columns with the order of 200.... that hardware store thats within walking distance of my house told me he keeps 500ft of 1/2 PVC in stock..... probably going to paint them black so they wont be so obvious. when you screwed the HC clips in your shingles, did you put any caulk on them before drilling holes in the roof?
  5. Thanks! And JR, I still have that link that you sent, that will be the route I will go.... the only reason I came across this, I was shopping around for something that wasn’t from China.... I did manage to find the same lights from a person in California, but not as cheap.... also, I watched your video this morning. Thank you, it gives me a perfect idea, also,i can show my bride exactly what the style will look like.......///// I’ve gotta figure out how to mount them to my columns... I was thinking I could do 10 lights up/10 lights down on each. I’m going with the 2 pixie 8s set up
  6. how do you guys feel about these? https://agoeu.com/12v-3-leds-ip65-waterproof-ws2811-ucs1903-sm16703-rgb-5050-led-module.html I like the idea of the screw holes in case the glue fails. also, these lights have 4 wires going from module to module instead of 3.... whats does that mean? I am going to go with the mounting boxes from HC. i ordered those today... still waiting to front the bill for the software upgrades. the 2 pixie 8 controllers and the software upgrades i will need is the Basic to pro. then the 16CCR package for superstar... over 400$...... im building a
  7. do you guys have a video to this? I would love to see this in action!!!
  8. TRY buying some Bifen XTS or just some Bifenthrin 7.9 and spray around your place. it works GREAT for me. our neighbors get carried off.... we dont!
  9. that was brilliant! LOL id buy the trump. make a hilary clinton and make them sing "the one and only" by snoop dog.."why cant we be friends"... i think they could make a good grinch song together too! the singer of the grinch is up to the buyer!
  10. what is your email? and do you have an air compressor? I have 2 props that made two years ago. one was a 25 gallon metal grease can. It had an air cylinder that popped the lid up. Under the lid, I had a glow in the dark skull mounted to it. also had a black light mounted to the inside of it that came on when the lid opened..... also had 6 Ghost that flew around my yard (axworthy ghost) I had a DC variable speed drive and motor. I used a bicycle wheel and chain and sprockets.. the idler pulleys was just clothes line pulleys. my longest run was about 60 feet... I used 50lb braided fishing l
  11. *Each Pixie4/8/16 controller port is fused at 4 amps and can typically power up to 100 pixels. More pixels on a port requires power injection that Light-O-Rama does not currently support. .... does this mean you cant power inject on any pixie controllers????
  12. So basically I would need this..... http://store.lightorama.com/pismpico1.html And two of these, http://store.lightorama.com/pismpico.html What power supply and boxes are you guys putting these in? WowLights sells a poxie4 with the enclosure and power supply. But it’s 169$. also, what are you guys using for extension cords?.... I think I’m going to run the 3 node lights that dibblejr recommended. it’ll still give it the classic spacing look, each light will look bright, and I like how easy the mounting will be to PVC. Thanks guys. This has helped out a lot!
  13. Guys, thank y’all so much!! This is exactly what I was hoping for. I can put a package together. I know what controllers I need to order, how to mount them, had someone recommend what style lights to use, and very good videos, thank you all very much!
  14. Thank you also! that was one of my other questions about power injection locations.... and also, lol my bride wouldn’t let me leave them up on our shingles all year. I could if I have facia at each part, but since the top is 100% shingles. She wouldn’t let me, lol I know this.... simplicity in setup/tear down will be very important. Along taking up room of my shop during the off season.... I need my shop, lol “currently dropping a 5.3 Chevy in a 88 T too mustang” 😂
  15. What are HC clips? And how many of these lights can run/output? What is the spacing on them/how long is 1 strand And.... each set of 3 nodes are 1 channel?
  16. Thank you!!! Amazing!I REALLY WASNT LOOKING FOR ANYONE TO HELO OUT THIS MUCH! God bless y’all!! And.... also... would either of these two ideas include having to use any power injection points? And for the columns, do you think 1 strand of 100 nodes would be okay going down each column?.......
  17. I’m sorry for not being more specific, but I was wanting to run ribbons or pixels.... the viewing distance is 25-75 feet..... how many pixels, the spacing, how many controllers would I need for this?
  18. I have a picture with the measurements..... holiday coro charges 150$ for this service....... i was wondering if anyone would be willing to help me with my layout...... probably not... but its worth a try......
  19. Thanks for the reply! And at church this morning, the preacher walked up to me and asked if I would be interested in helping them set up one for the church. Said they had some money allocated for one if I could help them do one that told the Christmas story. So I was pretty happy. We are supposed to sit down this week... I’m kinda anxious to hear how much money they think they have for it... so apparently my show made a statement for the community enough for everyone at the church to agree to doing one! Haha but idk how much money they think they have for it. I told him how much I had in all o
  20. finally got to my computer with the picture on it... here was my layout this year if this helps any. We park to he right of my house and there is a set of steps over there because we park in front of my house. this picture was taken from the white line on the other side of my road.... after seeing this,,,, think i am better with just Dumb RGBs on them. while running pixels for the roof and facia? I know i need to add more to my "massive front yard" but for first year, I was happy with it.
  21. I’m assuming you are saying a pixie4 for each column.... I have been thinking of trying to utilize a pixie16... but.., a controller on each column would eliminate any kind of extensions needed... which would definitely be better.... and I’d like to keep it around 150-200 nodes per column.... just because I had 200 lights wrapped on each column.... so back to what I said, I imagine you are saying to use a pixie4 for each column. If I need to, I could use a pixie 8 on each column. And keep from overloading... 6 pixie 8s over a period of 6 months isn’t too bad! I could manage a column a month. L
  22. I 2nd this question... I see Ray Wu stuff everywhere. and this year was my first year.... when is the summer sale? So I can be ready. And how much of a sale is it usually?
  23. That’s exactly what I was thinking... will the square nodes still work on the netting? I can’t post the picture of my house using my phone. But the ride is VERY close. And the viewing would be no more than 60 degrees... I was not looking for a wrap, due to as it went around, the nodes would look dull..... and the 1.5” spacing is really one of the answers I was looking for.... but how many rows should it be? My house is 25-30 feet from the road. But everyone pulls across the street. How many controllers would I need? To run 5 or 6 rows on 6 columns? if I can get a list of what I need, then I ca
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