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  1. Sent. good luck with switching! You will need advanced or pro license also. It still kicks my butt getting everything to communicate. I’m sure I’m gonna hassle A few on here when the time comes! BUT IM LEARNING. maybe this year I won’t have to bother a few of them! 🤞🏼
  2. Thanks! We were going to hand out candy canes last year. But I ended up only having 4 days off the whole month of December because the plant I work at was so short from covid….. I might just dress as Santa and let my wife be the grinch! It will fit her The best! 🤣
  3. Woah! That’s awesome! I didn’t think about the grinch!
  4. Do any of you have santa come visit to see kids on a certain date of your show? For pictures, or just a visit during your show? What have any of you experienced with doing this? If you have.
  5. ahhhhhh, but the answers are only given to those to go the furthest to seek it! lol I ended up keeping the pixies. The cg1500 boxes fit in a large flat rate box and ship for $21 and some change. I’d only be getting 60$ for them. and for that, I think I’ll keep them. NOW, the person who buys my Two Holiday Coro pumpkins are the ones who will come out on top for sure! because I am planning on giving them a LOT! Gonna save someone probably 2-300 dollars with everything that’s going with them. 1. to get it out my shop, 2, it’s one less thing I’m going to have to move. 3, Idk if our next house is going to have a shop. So I’m only keeping definite things that I know I’m going to use. 4, whoever comes and gets them better have a truck bed or a suburban! Lol (most likely they are leaving with 4 bulb singers, two pumpkins, all the nodes and frames that are on them, and two arches. and probably 3000 led traditional Christmas lights) I want 4 Christmas trees instead of bulbs. And I’m not stacking up more stuff in my shop until I rid of some of this stuff. but I can’t say that because it will be a surprise . Lol 😂 hasslerk needs to hurry up! Lol
  6. You will have to upgrade to advanced/pro license to utilize these.
  7. I think his truck needs more than “pixie” dust to fly. 😇, my Mustang gonna whoop that 1 ton tank!
  8. GUESS WHAT! CMB24Ds are sold! also! Throwing in the 100 dumb nodes for free! so they are gone too! still have 2 pixie 8s for sale,,,,,hmmmmm what will go with them??? BUY THEM AND FIND OUT! 🤣 thanks! Chance Harris
  9. 2 CMB24D in the CG1500 and power supplies. 100$ each. 100 Dumb holiday Coro nodes. $30 And 2 pixie 8s in the CG1500 with some pigtails. No power supplies with these. 80$ Each. I also have 2 extra CG1500s brand new. If anyone needs them. Make me an offer. Idk if they would be worth the shipping cost. THANKS! And ask anyone who has bought from me before, they know, I always pack suprises! 🤔 Woohooo Christmas in July!
  10. May I have a copy kulpy? I promise I will not share or sell. Weigh2fast4u@yahoo.com (obviously) 🤣 I was an idiot setting up the forum lol
  11. In order to get what you are asking, I believe you are going to buy some of these. Not many people are willing to share much RGB. It takes a lot of time. A lot of people collaborate together to get good ones. even the sellers have people collaborating with them. but rgb arches aren’t hard to sequence! And it’s July! try sequencing your arches then just transferring those timings in with other rgb props. It works really good. if not, you are going to have to buy some.
  12. im sorry, this will not work for you with the version that you currently have.
  13. I was reading old stuff and I realized that I didn’t specify,,, the song I was able to do the house outline within a days time was NOT this song. The timings for this song on the house outline goes to someone else. my credit here is only on the faces. I should have specified that! I don’t want to step on toes.
  14. I am not on much anymore due to work load. But decided to share this one. Give me a day or so to be able to send it…. if your preview does not look like this. Then you didn’t copy and paste it correctly.
  15. Bethune SC will meet you at the state line in any direction! except the eastern line. 🤣
  16. Those smart nodes on those windows are looking good!
  17. Dang kids and those BB guns! We too have one that is pretty bright. I have it tried. But we are a small town. The mayor was talking last year how excited he was to have something like our house in town. He was very supportive of it.. so, I am sure they, and the town hall, would not have a problem with it being off.... cars are supposed to have headlights. There are no streetlights in the country. I don’t see how you could be at fault...... but, I’ve not tried asking them yet. thanks, chance Harris
  18. Are you doing this on one single window? Or trying to do one effect across multiple props at once?
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