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  1. Maybe in our next house! I’ll have room for it! The 50s and curved…. Woah. lol this year I managed a new laptop and the same headphones that James uses. THE BEST THING EVER. A good set of headphones made a WORLD OF DIFFERENCE! then work started making me put in 60-84 hours a week….. they are hurting for people…. Haha and guess what. Had a job interview today with so far my pick out of all the other places I have interviewed. That’s gonna be another one they are gonna be missing. I haven’t had a thanksgiving off since 2012…. this company is closed every holiday. Also, I left my house today for the interview. 2 minutes I was at the guard shack. AND had to stop at a stoplight. Lol I think that’s gonna postpone our house looking for 6 months. The wife said she’s fine with it since I’ll be home more. And hopefully I’ll have some computer time soon. sorry this ventured off. But I’ve got a lot on my Mind today.
  2. I bought a 17” screen Lenovo laptop. The side would be awesome for just keeping my Preview window in all the time All true. and Idk I saw it on my work perks website. Said I could get 50$ off Of one. I asked opinions! And I don’t want to mess up my laptop. Thanks!
  3. Anyone seen this before? It’s called a side trak. I thought it was neat. Because I don’t sequence on a desktop. https://sidetrak.com/collections/portable-monitors/products/sidetrak-portable-monitor
  4. I was thinking this had to do with my narrow mouth being in an odd place! Lol
  5. Yes, en extra monitor would make a big difference… you can move your cursor over the cells, and press,I think, it’s CNTL +, and it will zoom in just like most of the other things will on the computer. … there is a little floating bar above where your preview playback is. You can click it and it will separate it and you can float it anywhere….I’d be glad to help if needed. this year has been slow for me. Not much computer time. But I’d be glad to help. I’m not Aubrey, but I might be able to help some.
  6. Lol this thread went WAY far away from what I said in the beginning. Lol
  7. hahahahaha… Throughout my journey with this hobby. I have yet to meet anyone younger than me. Lol everyone has been 40+. of course, all of our friends call us the old couple. Because we don’t fit in the this millennial junk 😆
  8. I WAS BORN IN 1991….. Mic drop. LOL JR, not so sure about the twins thing! But, hey, if you want to think that you look like me, that’s fine. But some people aren’t this lucky 😁 And DUCKS, I have no clue what you are talking about. lol I’m assuming TI stands for Texas instrument lol the best thing I can say, I remember talking on a bag phone. But that’s as far as it goes for me.
  9. I have recently seen an accusation that I am JR Dibble…. I am 1 person. 1 account. 1 house. And as you all can see, I have 1 email that I use. I have had this email for 16+ years. My name is Chance Harris. i do thank you for getting he and I confused. He has fantastic work on here that I strive to sequence like. however, I am me, and he is he.
  10. Nice save! and Does continuity run through the data wire on dumb nodes?
  11. not sure where this would go I have had a few songs that have been off with the beats. I have not used it very much due to this. yes, I know I can use the “tap” method. Or the VU, however, Can there be a way that we can manually input what BPM we want it to be? if not, I REALLY think this would be AWESOME.
  12. I do not have any of those that I can share. Little Drummer Boy (studio version) AND NOEL is on Holidaysequences.com Idk if you have RGB or just AC controllers. But Robert has quite a few Christian Christmas songs. here is the link to the Noel that I used last year. I have all of these from him. Everyone loved it last year. https://www.holidaysequences.com/searchresults.asp?Search=Noel+&Submit= he has quite a few Christian songs on there..
  13. I would highly recommend you keep your word and take out the faces of the sequence before sharing it. JR is correct. you never know who would be trying to take claim and or make Money with your work. even just changing a few things within it doesn’t make it yours to share or SELL That would be some shady backstabbing junk. Come on man, you gotta represent South Carolina!
  14. Joebuck already has it drawn. Before you sent him a file. Just repeating what we already said doesn’t prove anything. Unlike some people, joe asked “how to do something” instead of asking for a freebie. now he know how.
  15. Sweet. Lol do these light up the background on the prop when running the lights?
  16. Yes it is an on or off. All you do is select the color you want it to be. The toolbar is self explanatory for that…. I am not familiar with any of the auto sequencing for faces… there are lots of people on here who are.As JR stated, a lot of people use papagayo. and adding these to your other preview, you will need to save the prop. And import it into your other preview….. I am not currently at mY computer so I cannot give you a step by step….. but somewhere on there prop def or preview design, Is a save/export prop file. Look for that,,,, yoU may have to select all 8 props together. (I am not sure) then go to your other preview and hit the “ADD” tab in the preview design. In the drop down menu, there should be an import prop file of some sort. select your prop file add it and correct any unit ID or channel conflicts.
  17. Others may have ways of drawing stuff on here. But this worked flawlessly for me.
  18. The way I set mine up,… set the picture of the tree as the background image. Since this is just dumb rgb, the number of nodes does not really matter. set the tree as your background image, go to preview design, Add, “create a new prop using one of the built in shapes, or define a custom shape” on the left, click on RGB, then Dumb RGB THEN, under “shape” select from the drop down Menu “bulbs” then enter the number of bulbs on that channel. Starting location is preset to “left” change the name To whatever you are controlling example “outline” change your unit ID to 1A or whatever you want it to be. click “SAVE” this will take you back to the “preview design window” click on “OUTLINE” adjust background image with the brightness slide so you can see the image. then you can move each individual “bulb” on the screen and just Place them over your picture….”connect the dots” DO NOT RESIZE IT.. click save. then go back to the “ADD” tab. And draw the next channel of your Prop. after you draw all Of your channels over your Picture, go to “preview design” window. And select ALL of the channels That you drew. Example,,,, click “outline” Press shift and click the 8th channel so all the props are highlighted blue. all Of your tree will turn yellow. Then you can resize all of it together as 1. if you can’t figure this out. PM me.
  19. If you find a gif to use, try to find one with a black background. There are not many with black backgrounds, but those work awesome too.
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