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  1. My entire house is lined with 3 node modules. They are strings of 20, 10down and 10 up on my columns
  2. Without a doubt! I agree! It was one of the things that I loved. But was getting inconsistencies last night, And it’s working now.
  3. when I added my Pixies, I never actually "ADDED" the pixie controllers. S4 adds controllers. Up to now, I only added the row after creating the preview.... I Added my AC channels (just the channels) that i am using to the preview (signs). and just turned them on in the grid... while test running my show last night,,, they would not work all the time..... Since i added the controller..... all are working fine....
  4. Trying to add 2 signs to AUX A. 1 16 channel AC controller 2 dumb controllers all on aux A i added the signs to the preview. turned them Both on in the grid. play a sequence, no lights on AC channels there is no option to append to view. everything else is working fine.
  5. I really appreciate all the help I have gotten this year from you guys. show starts off tomorrow night! I have learned a whole lot since I started making the swap in late March. I can never thank y’all enough! Happy Halloween, Chance Harris
  6. When saving the entire LOR files to an SD card, the preview files go Along with it also. I copied you whole LOR file to a 64gb SD card. Then transferred to my desktop and played a sequence. Looks like everything worked. i have not ran a show from the desktop though.
  7. looking for some ideas.. just seeing if y’all have any input! Where did you get it, if it’s still available, post a link if you can! I already know we want a lighted nativity. Preferably not blow molds. some suggestions or experiences with those would be nice too.
  8. YES!!!! MAKE 100% sure of this. I lost 100 nodes because I had 1 fail. This string I had up happened to be RBG. Not RGB. Everything I had To replace it wIsh was right.... ended up having to replace the whole strand....
  9. Just set this out there like I did. All the kids ran off🤣 of course they still got candy https://vimeo.com/436292926/recommended
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