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  1. You can´t see the PixieLink in HU. Just follow the steps in the manual to update the firmware.
  2. After you made your motion rows did you made a new sequence or did you open one that you had worked on before? If it is an old sequence you may have to add your newly made motion rows to that sequence. Try rightclick your prop an then add/modify motion rows, you should then be able to add those rows to your open sequence.
  3. If you use Audacity and the Queen Mary plugins you can do that already, well sort of.. Open your music file in Audacity and then analyze it with the "Bar and Beats Tracker:Beats..", in the following window you should be able to input the bpm. After the analyzing is ready, export the labels, File>Export>Export Labels. Now you should have a file that you can import to S5, from an open sequence go to Timing>Import Timings: and then Import from Audacity label file. It can be done in S4 to but I suggest that you in that case look att John Storms tutorial on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MCqTb0f8VKI
  4. From the Prop Definition for your arch, goto Motion Effect Rows and then Subdivide the arch to as many sections (columns) you need.
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