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  1. For those who've been to Disney World at night during their laser light show when the castle periodically "sparkles". It appears as if someone is using a camera flash from the Castle. Is there a way this can be done using LOR software/lights?
  2. Greetings! Looking at purchasing the CosmicColorController-II kits and noted they are out of stock. What length are the 100 LED ribbons? Does anyone have a timeline on when this stock will be refreshed? Thanks!
  3. Thanks again Phil. Yep - already on this path as I have backups for my backups. Much appreciated sir. *I also used to be into rocketry (glancing at your picture) and once launched a mid-powered G motor. The rocket pierced the clouds never to return...
  4. Greetings, I have several sequences created and added DMX devices (after the sequences were created) and modified one sequence with the string lights and DMX devices. Upon loading other sequences, the sequencer is prompting for "A map updated preview for sequence". Easiest way to do this? Can I export the match/map settings from the DMX sequence and import by loading match settings? If so, how do I accomplish this task? Image attached for reference. Thanks! Kevin
  5. It works beautifully now. I am a career coder/software developer, so I live for this (i.e. DMX programming)! Many thanks Phil!
  6. Thanks Phil! We have movement, fades, effects, etc. in the Pixel Console! Another question - I already have musical sequences created for my string lights, but when I try to add a DMX in the sequence (0-255 on channel 1 which controls horizontal movement), nothing happens when I play back (just to test the functionality). Is this normal? Any video tutorial suggestions? Also note that channel 1 is used also for a string of mini lights. Can I have DMX commands on these already used channels? Thanks again!
  7. OK - thought I had everything. The issue must be in the software setup. Do I use RAW DMX in Network Preferences? What about the other settings? The software also throws an error when I try to change the adapter settings. Thanks all!
  8. Thinking I didn't need a crossover cable because I purchased this - http://store.lightorama.com/rjtoxlr3fe.html
  9. Still not working with the USB485 I was sent today. To confirm, I have it connected Computer->USB Hub->USB485->DMX Adapter->DMX Cable->DMX Device. Where does the crossover cable fit into this configuration?
  10. OK - I was using Ken Benedict's video tutorial below for a step-by-step approach. So, to confirm the connection is computer->USB Cable->Open DMX Adapter->DMX Device?
  11. Thanks Alan - I've been that far until I go to the Hardware Utility to "test" the DMX universe under the console - I'm not getting a thing. I went ahead and ordered another USB485 as well as a DMX to Ethernet converter (ordered both male and female). Should be here by the weekend and I will update accordingly.
  12. What's the difference between the Pro and the Open USB adapter?
  13. Same issue. Windows finds the drivers yet still denotes that it is a generic USB device. I looked on ENTTEC's site and it is supposed to be a plug & play device. Only works with certain software packages.- fortunately, I didn't pay full price.
  14. Thanks Phil - I've downloaded and installed the drivers with limited results - Windows gives the typical response of "the driver installed is better than this one". It does show up in the Device Manager as a "USB Serial Converter".
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