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  1. It's either going to be a few days before Thanksgiving or a few days after. Depending on when I get finished with setup. Normally it's Thanksgiving night for me for my start date.
  2. Me I would be cautious using a larger antenna on a part 15 fm transmitter. With the risk of transmitting further than you should. Wouldn't want a visit from the Friendly candy company (FCC). I do like K6CCC's plans though for the antenna, might have to use a modified version of that for ham radio.
  3. Shocking that FedEx would do something like that.... ๐Ÿ™„ I had shipments from fedex already go on cross country vacations, where it would arrive in my state go to the local hub for my area then all of a sudden leave my state and travel a few states away to return back to my state. This happened to me on a numerous of occasions. The response from fedex was "I don't know why your package did that".
  4. If you swap ports with the pixel string and the problem stays with the sting then itโ€™s a bad string. im going though the same thing
  5. Yeah I still can't see any of that on my end even under the closed ticket side.
  6. I'm working with mike sent him a PM and he had me submit a new one. That ticket number in question is indeed missing. I can't see it when I log onto the helpdesk page, only ticket there was the one I submitted last month which was solved. And nothing is in the email folders. There was a second ticket that I told them to cancel because I put the wrong address in there for email (accidently mixed my work and personal address together work email for the first half of the address but accidently got the server part wrong which is an address I don't have access to) which i corrected in the 719009 ticket I mentioned to cancel the other one out unless someone deleted the wrong ticket.
  7. Is there something going on with the help desk because my question about my 9 failed pixel strings I got from LOR disappeared it was help desk ticket #719009 I submitted it last night it was in my helpdesk account last night and today it's gone. no replies in my email or anything.
  8. This is a feature request (Unless this can already be done a different way and I'm missing something) On pixel based props it would be nice if you could access the channel level but have it automatically in both vertical and horizontal groups instead of being given a billion channels and you have to move then group them yourself. Example a 32 "branch" mega tree it would pre group each "branch" so you would end up with 32 groups. in case you wanted to convert over old effects from a non pixel tree to a new one. Or even have an effect where you just want to hit individual branches like on beats or instrumental notes in a song. instead of having to do it through the effects editor and have to move the line back and forth each time. To create the groups I know it can be done manually by moving things around but it's a long task to do. Another example would be for a matrix based prop Like a pixel tunnel where it would automatically give you both a horizontal and vertical set of channel groups once again if you needed an effect where only one line would turn on at a point in time. And since it's already setup that when a group is closed and you put an effect in it on the grid it automatically copies it to the other members within that group. could this be an added feature in the future or is there a way to get around this easier?
  9. The general rule of thumb is if you need brown for a Christmas light project use Amber. Just like blue is normally used in place of black. I'm not sure if anyone sells Amber rope light but that might be a start in the right direction.
  10. Report ID: TC 73 OS: Windows 10 (1803) Software: Sequencer Version: 5.3.6 Issue: If you have the playback window running on a second monitor, close the sequencer then remove the 2nd monitor. When you reopen Sequencer this time (without 2nd monitor installed) and try to click on the playback window button it does nothing and the playback window seems to fail to appear anywhere. Was able to get the playback window to come back after attaching the 2nd monitor back again.
  11. I got into the hobby around the end of 2017, different parts of the hobby just amazes me. Did you get the chance to get any of the SSTV images from the ISS in the past few days? de AB3WX
  12. This kind of question comes up every once in awhile, but new people come in and others hobbies change. So I'm curious other than the madness we do that's called computerized lighting. What other Hobbies are you involved in? For me it would be Ham Radio, which has sparked an additional interest in building/repairing electronic circuits.
  13. Yes depending on what equipment you're working on and what you're trying to check/test. Sometimes it needs to be done while energized. You just have to follow NFPA70E safety guidelines, and only work energized if necessary.
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