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  1. That is what was not real clear to me, naming protocols. As for the main versus secondary show, in my application the minidirector is the primary as I am using it in a stand-alone mode. It is not part of any other show. The intent is to have 3 shows available, each geared to a particular audience. Picking the button, 1, 2, or 3, is to cause the director to run one of the shows as chosen. (This is not the normal Christmas light show, rather an educational display for different groups where the controller will interact with both lights and animatronic actions.) Some channels will con
  2. Orville, that is actually they way I want it to work for my application. If that is true, Great! Still unsure about how to program the sequences / name them so the buttons pressed select to one desired. in other words, how do I keep them sorted out so the director can determine which is which when I save them to the SD Card.?
  3. Just getting started at this so this may be basic. I want to use three push-buttons to choose one of three sequences using the same lights but to different music. I understand the wiring configuration and hardware based on the diagram on the device.. My question relates to the sequences If I develop 3 different sequences using 4.4.4 and save them as separate files, are there requirements regarding file naming that allows the director to choose which file was selected? In other words, how is a specific file name associated with one of the three inputs on the Mini-Director? The in
  4. I was just wondering, I was tracing it out from the board and was hoping there was an 'official" schematic. I do have pinouts on the chips and it looks fairly straightforward so far, the 273 d Flipflops and PIC Micro, etc.. My main concern was following the through holes between front and back of the board. Hopefully I never need the schematic, but it never hurts to have it just in case!
  5. Just a qucik question. I bought the CTB16PC DIY kit and all looks good so far. I haven't put it together yet but anticipate no issues. Just for my own satisfaction, and maybe troubleshooting later if the need should arise, is there a schematic available online for download?
  6. I am using the mini Director and a CTB16PC in a triggered mode. I start the show using a N.O. Pushbutton trigger with no problem. But I need a means to sense when the LOR show has ended. I know the easiest would be to simply use a single command at the conclusion on a dedicated channel, but that would require I make special allowances in the program. Is there any sort of "busy" voltage point in either the director or contrioller I could sample that changes state at the conclusion of a show? All I need to do is detect when a program (show) ends to notify the next group the system is
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