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  1. Apparently the show didnt work again
  2. Does that mean that everytime I edit a sequence it will crash.
  3. Yes I understand that. Its running ok now but I think there is still something wrong in the sequences between sequence editor and pixel editor
  4. So the latest on show editor. I ran every sequence through the show editor by themselves and they appear to run. Now i put them all together and the show seems to work for the moment. I dont know why that makes a difference unless it has something to do with compression and how large the sequences are. Any thoughts on this?
  5. Right now I can make a show 3 songs long. It looks like a problem with 2 of the sequences now. I believe it was 3 songs that had a problem with before. I went into pixel editor and changed something and that song works fine now, but i dont know what it is. If I change the order of the show is doesn't work.
  6. Yes I am saving the intensity files. Control panel says error with sequences. Is there a way to unlink some of the pixel editor props from the sequence editor?
  7. The first sequence plays in the show editor and which doesn't have pixels. All the rest of the sequences involve pixels. Show player just flashes through the rest of the sequences in like a second and stops. All my props are listed in pixel editor and some of them are also in sequence editor. Not sure how to change that. Sequence editor is my go to. I didn't find it necessary to use pixel editor for all my props. Can that be the problem and is there a quick fix?
  8. I have approx 4600 Pixels using Alpha Pix controllers. I have 12 CTB16PC ready controllers for standard ac channels. Like I said the sequences work great on their own. The show player just plays the first sequence in the show and crashes. I made it through 2 sequences once.
  9. Hi I'm at Pro level on my show computer running v4.4.10. My other computer is playing around with s5
  10. Anyway need help quick. I tried to run a show today for the first time this season. So far I have only 5 sequences. First sequence runs and the rest crash. I have been using lightorama since they started so I'm not a newbie. This is the first yr using rgb controllers. I'm using V.4.4.10. All my sequences work fine in the sequence editor although they are quite slow. They all test ok outside. All my sequences also use video. So I used the verifier and it came up with 12000 warnings. Most of them were intensity range warnings. The other half were off channels and i have fixed the 15 or so that i could. Will the intensity range stop the show from running and if so how do i fix that without trying to do all the sequences over. I have been working on these for weeks. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  11. Hi may I please have a copy? tenni07@gmail.com Thank you so much for sharing
  12. hi could I please get a copy tenni07@gmail.com thank you so much
  13. Does anyone have Katy Perry Darkhorse Sequence? Again thanks in advance Tenni07@gmail.com
  14. Hi I'm looking for the Halloween sequence made by Davis. It only had floodlights and it was by Katy Perry Darkhorse. Does anyone have a copy of this sequence or know where I can get one? tenni07@gmail.com Thanks in advance
  15. thank you, its my first time dealing with RGB
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