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  1. Or if you're saying it's an AC Arch with 8 sections (8 channels), you would just type an 8 in the segment field of the prop definition window.
  2. In the main preview tab, check out the "bulb" shapes - that might solve some of your issue, as will grouping props together before making height/width adjustments. Very curious how you are building props in excel though! Can you share?
  3. Sounds like you exported the grid configuration when you needed to export the preview. Go to your preview in the right hand popout tab and right click - fourth option down is "Export." You can also select it (again in that right side popout) and click the icon with the left facing green arrow. However, you really shouldn't have to export the changes unless you're switching computers. Any sequence that references that file will have the changes.
  4. A preview and a grid configuration are different things - which one did you export?
  5. I am one of the admins for that group. The group overwhelmingly voted that the group be changed to private status so that their Facebook friends who were not in the group did not constantly see every time they commented on a post. Now that it's private, it cannot go back to public status. There are no Facebook groups run by LOR employees - they are all user groups (which is explained in all of the group descriptions). The official Light-O-Rama PAGE is the only thing actually sponsored by LOR.
  6. You're correct in that they're called beat channels. When you imported the sequences, there should have been a place where you told S5 what to do with your blank channels, and it sounded like you told them to archive instead. If you go into your archive menu now, you can actually add them back as beat channels instead of recreating them from scratch.
  7. Here are more tutorials if you need them! :) https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5dKqcprhEGzU-VBD4IkPlEkDtpYoptwo
  8. The CCR-II and Pixie II controllers are the same thing. The names have evolved overtime and I might still be thinking it's listed as the original name from when it first released. Moral of the store, it has two ports - that's what's important to know. LOR does not sell AC channel singing trees (but other vendors do and you can use standard 16 channel LOR controllers with them). LOR's trees are all pixels - that's what the motion paks control.
  9. The 16 channel starter package DOES work with singing trees - the AC channel singing trees. They probably recommended the simpler non-pixel system if this is your first year. If you want the singing trees specifically from LOR's website, those come with their own pixel controllers called CCR-IIs.
  10. Just as a side note to this conversation, upgrade to 5.5.10. Version 5.5.8 had a significant bug and was recalled shortly after release.
  11. What specifically have you been doing when it crashes? That will help the developers pinpoint a potential cause for the issue.
  12. Hey Jeff, I don't use Superstar, but I get that message all the time when I'm sequencing pixels with the Sequencer. I never need to hit save first, it just means I tried to hit play too quickly before the Sequencer had time to catch up with me. I'm on 5.5.8 too and was working with pixels today without issues. It totally could be a bug, but try waiting until the orange circle by the preview name stops spinning before you press play and see if that fixes it.
  13. Those look like curtain effects - "Close then open"
  14. If you ever want a software solution in the future, you could definitely make that 8 pixel custom piece of your matrix, then just add that section and the rest of the matrix together in a group so that your effects turn out right. When building your spinner, you would just indicate in the prop definition window which channel that prop starts on (channel 25 if you're starting on bulb 9), or higher if you need to skip bulbs because your props are farther apart.
  15. Don is exactly right - here's a video though if you need a visual!
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