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  1. If I upgrade, will I need to DL anything, I'm on extremely metered internet (I live out in the sticks), or is it just an unlock code? And what's the minimum upgrade I need to get show on demand?
  2. I have 5 sequences programmed, and want to play them in a loop. I'm not sure which software to use. (Show player?) I'd like to be able to click on something and have all my sequences run over and over until I click stop. Some context. I run a Haunted House and we plan to have a light show running to entertain the people standing in line. But I don't want a person dedicated to starting each sequence when the previous one stops.
  3. I have the residential CTB16PC style controller. Is there a way to manually control the lights connected to it? What I want to do is have some lights in my display turned on when not playing a sequence. So my yard isn't totally dark when the computer isn't running a sequence.
  4. @Orville I was going to start a new thread, but you touched on my question. Is there a way to tell the controller to turn on some of the lights when it's not playing a sequence? One scenario would be waiting until someone shows up to watch, but some of the lights are on. Or turning off the sequence computer, but keeping some displays lit. I'm not doing a standard Xmas display, I'm building a light display for people waiting in line at a Haunted House. I might be hoping for too much out of the software.
  5. Okay this is what I thought. I use music/sound editing software a lot as well as video editing software and adding silence or blank space is pretty common. I didn't see it in the sequence editor so I thought I'd ask if I was just missing something. Seems like it might be useful in some situations. Maybe in the next version update. Adding a 10 second blank animation won't work in my situation. It's a good work around though. Thanks.
  6. Is there a way to add 10 second (or more) silence to the beginning or end of a sequence. I know I can add that to the music before I load it. But can I add it later?
  7. I tried the tapping wizard, it wasn't good enough. I'm trying to match lights to individual notes in a song. Even at 1/2 speed it was too fast to be accurate enough. i saw that there is a keyboard preferences map, but i can't seem to change anything in it. is there a way to map keys to functions that I'm not seeing?
  8. I'm trying to manually add timing to my sequence, is there a hot key that does the same thing as Right click> insert timing at 0:02.12 (or where ever I right clicked at) Or do I have to do each one with the right click>etc. That is going to take a long time. thanks -everettdale
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