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  1. What does the sequence compressor do? Should I do that after I am done with each sequence? I have the use compressed sequences turned on when you right click the light bulb.
  2. Phil, So do I need to compress each sequence separately then put them into a show? or Do I just compress the whole show? I have never used the sequence compressor program before..
  3. Last night was my first night for my halloween show and it did not start off smoothly at all! Here was my problem: I made a show using the show builder and loaded it into the sequence scheduler and that worked fine. When it came time for the show the first song said checking S5 sequence and all the specifics for this and it sat on that for 5 minutes for my first song and 10 minutes for my other 2 songs. After all that time went by it would tell me it created a playback file since it did not exist.. Is there a way i can create this playback file or can it only be created when it loads the show the first time? My shows are very large as my halloween display is 100% pixels and it does have some video files in them as well. Im currently running 65,985 RGB pixel channels. I did have the use compressed sequence option turned on. I am wondering if I am pushing the limits if LOR????
  4. So strange no idea how those got deleted but that worked. THANKS MATT!!!!
  5. I was adding to my preview and noticed that the dimming curve was set to blank and when I went to change it there was no other options but blank. If I go to string summary it shows me that my other props are still set to 30% but when I click on those props it says blank as well. I have tried a reset of my computer. A repair and reinstall of LOR nothing worked. I have had issues the last week or so with sequencer even opening and it seems to be linked to windows updates.. PLEASE HELP FIX THIS ISSUE! I want to get back to sequencing. I have already made a ticket with LOR hoping to get this fixed ASAP.
  6. I was just helping him out So I took his preview and added it to one of the songs he gave me and I made a new sequence. I have the newest version of LOR now. I had this happen twice last year and thought it was fixed with current updated but apparently not because it seems to be always with groups.
  7. So I was helping a friend with his set up so i imported his preview and made a new song for him then went to go open my song and got the archived warning come up and about 6 groups are now archived and is telling me they are not in the preview when in fact they are and nothing has changed! Very frustrating I have checked 2 different sequences and get the same error!!!! it is not as easy as just adding them back into the preview either from sequencer because the sequencer will try to add them back in as a prop not a group! I had this happen to me last year twice!!! Please help me with a solution to this problem
  8. OK awesome! So where does it tell you that it put those extra pixels on the next universe? I go to the string summary tab and it doesn't show the next universe just the carry over
  9. So i may not have been understanding the carry over column.. Is the carry over column carrying over those extra channels to the next universe automatically?
  10. hey Jim, So when you put in a arch with 250 pixels it automatically knew to break that up into 2 universes?
  11. I want to be able to assign a string with 200 pixels to 2 separate universes on my matrix. As of now the only way I can see a way to do this is to do a custom matrix or custom prop and put all the pixels in by hand.. IS there no way to use the matrix option in the drop down instead? Can we add something to a new update where you have the option to add multiple universes to 1 string of pixels?
  12. Does anyone have any videos or directions on how to get a Falcon F16 V3 controller talking with LOR S5? I have heard people mention it will use E131 but thats all I know.. I would love some help with this because I want to upgrade from my pixies to a flacon. THANKS!!!
  13. Is it whole props or groups of props your having issues with?
  14. Hey Alan, So I had some issues with the Halloween sequence as far as motion layers getting messed up but I have been able to fix that issue.. the biggest issue is what I was talking about in this thread when I updated. I was unable to attach the file on here because it’s larger then allowed maybe if you give me your email I can email it to you and you could take a look at it. I can also take a video of the file and show you my issues.. For what ever reason LOR tells me that the groups I made for my pixels isn’t in the preview but when I go to the preview they are there and when I try and delete them from the preview and redo them it still doesn’t see them.. thanks Jeff B
  15. So the annoying part is that I had a copy of my grid which I brought back in and the preview but for what ever reason my groups are all jacked up.. They are in the preview but sequencer doesn't detect them so it says they are not there and makes them go archived..
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