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  1. Matt, Thanks I thought about it after I posted the other note and realized that was my problem and corrected it thanks again for your help. LOR has done a great job with PE now onto my Pixcon that I bought in the sale time to get it ready for next year and to do more programing....Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight!
  2. Matt, and all thanks for all the advice but I did figure out my problem. I had not checked the "use compressed file" in the Control Panel now if I can figure out why all my text is backwards I will be set. If you have any ideas please let me know I haven't tried to fix it yet just noticed it tonight.
  3. Yes I did check that to make sure I'm on 1.19 which does seem to be the latest. Thanks for advice maybe I'm just missing something it's got to be simple.
  4. This looks like a good place for me to start and ask a question I have a similar problem. I have a 12 CCR Matrix that was set up with SS I now have PE and want to use it to seq. I have four networks on the Matric three CCR's per network. I changed to enhanced on my network settings (all four at 500K Red adaptor) I see the SS & PE line in my Seq. but get know output to the CCR's if I play it in PE I get output I am new to PE so I must have missed something somewhere. I did have SS sub seq. running these CCR's and have deleted that line out of the seq. Any help would be appreciated I know ev
  5. Great I have the same problem let me see if this fixes it. The only difference is mine was working until last night in version 4.1.2 ...............Thanks in advance
  6. OK Guy's I have a question. Is it possible to run CCR's from a DMX controller? It looks like you should be able to from all the stuff I have read but not sure how to set them up. I tried to set one to "07" like you would do with a regular controller that works great on a regular controller but not a CCR. Can anybody help me on the set up for CCR's?
  7. Well Thank you both for the reply. I have six CCR's two that I purchased before the other four and guess what they where the two not working. Updated the firmware to 1.17 and everything is PERFECT! Thanks again for the help
  8. I have set up a 6 ribbon CCR tree and I am having trouble getting two ribbons to work. I have set up two networks with three CCR's on each all test out on the HWU fine. when I run a show I get all three on network "A" but only one of the three on network "B" work. Can anyone please give me some suggestions on what I may be doing wrong. Set up Controllers 1-18 are standard LOR devices on Network "Regular" (USB485B with voltage booster) Controllers 21-26 are my 6 CCR's on Network "A" and "B" (Each on the new RED USB485 500K High Speed) Any reply's at all are welcome this is my first try at C
  9. All, I placed an order on 10/9 and waited until last week to ask about my order. I did not order any new gen controllers but did order some DC ones. They did email me back and say they are waiting on restock. Remember as stated on the site and as in this forum they are having a few issues. I like others have been doing this for years and have not seen this situation. I think there are a lot more of us now and it's the old supply and demand thing. I am happy to wait because I have what I need for Halloween and hope to add new things for Christmas but if I can't it won't be the end of the world
  10. You might want to send a not to LOR support they usually answer the next day. Not sure about the error I have same set Dell Laptop and XP I did have a problem with the first line being off in sequencing but if you swith your desktop to classic that fixes that problem. You might try that and then reload LOR. If that doesn't work make sure you contact LOR support. Hope this helps.
  11. I'm in, I think they look Crimson Red and woulld make a perfect big "A" for ROOOOLLLL TIDE! :cool::cool::cool:
  12. I can only think of one thing to add to this.... ROll TIDE! :dude::D:D:P
  13. vipzach wrote: You won't be disappointed! Greg has a good product and great customer service! I can tell about the customer service already! It's nice to see there are still people out there that "customer service" means something too. Oh yea and the products look like they will be pretty cool too!
  14. Been there done that.....can't wait for my first order. Thanks your newest customer!
  15. MikeH wrote: I love it! It would fit in perfect here in LA! (that's lower Alabama for those who don't know) I think they would even be a good item to offer for sale!
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