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  1. thanks thats what i was thinking. I manually entered it all
  2. Import/Export replaces the entire configuration as well as the animation strip. I just want part of a config added to another. As I mentioned I wanted to add the channel config of a 33 ch spiral tree to my existing sequence without replacing what is there. I want to add 33 channels already setup, not have to redo all 33 channels in my existing sequence.
  3. SO I have been looking everywhere but cannot find a way. Is there a way to copy channels from one sequence into another? You can easily copy paste the sequence, but can you import channel configuration form one to another? For instance I created a 33 Channel Spiral tree in a sequence. Now I want to copy over all those channels into a different sequence so that I don't have to start 33 new channels and change all the names and other properties again.
  4. the attached pic has how I drew the proposed 3 trees. They are all different. To the left is like what you showed, the middle one is the 64 channel with red, green, white, white spirals, strobes and a 3d star; and all the way to the right is the same as the left tree but as a square tree
  5. thanks gsmith, I drew something similiar, I was wondering how people drew it in SE. I was planning on doing a 64 ch mega tree, so it would have many legs. I did a simple box of 16 channel legs of the 3 different colors (traditional LEDs no pixels) and the spirals on it too, and a 3d star ontop.
  6. yes, in the Sequence Editor the little animation strip. I can do it all in visualizer, but i was hoping to be able to draw it in the editor for ease of use.
  7. You can animate with the free demo version. The attached pic, shows with the little movie strip, it pulls up the animation window. That is the animation I was intending to be used. https://www.dropbox.com/s/g7hdjyxsegxwx9f/animation image.JPG?dl=0
  8. thank you, they were a hit. So many good remarks about them.
  9. How does everyone animate their mega trees? I want to add 2 smaller 8 channel spiral/mega trees and one 15' 16 channel mega/spiral tree(red/green/white) with 12 channels of white spiral. Is it possible to animate them? any pictures and or explanations would help. Thanks
  10. 1st year with LOR, wish I made a better video, but this is what I have.
  11. where did you buy that from? I can't seem to find that length
  12. 40' arches: 2 20' 1-1/4" PVC with a coupling. I slid the PVC over 3/4" EMT conduit 2' in the ground and 5' sticking up. Wrapped in 200 white and 200 blue led strings lights. 400 per arch. Learned this from Kevin, this year.
  13. please and thank you for a copy here too thomasmule81@yahoo.com
  14. no way, man you do it all! please share here too thomasmule81@yahoo.com
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