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  1. Dibble and I talked & it looks like everything is fine. We cannot duplicate the color order changing on its own. I did notice that the configuration page 'RGB order (set all ports)' is set to RGB but on the advanced page, the separate ports are set to BRG. This is the way the thing configures itself and it works fine. My guess is, I changed the advanced separate port settings to RGB and that started the problem. When I hard reset the thing and checked it on the HU, the colors tested correctly, the 'RGB order (set all ports)' was RGB and the Advanced page port settings were BRG - go figure. I have 5 other controllers and they all come up this way. So - I think I caused the problem by trying to help . . . I join the walk of shame.
  2. Uh - The problem is back. Let me tinker with it for another week or so before we discuss it again. I want to figure out what triggers its change. I will post again in a week or so.
  3. Yes! Now all I have to do is study how it works so I can modify the timing and overall length. Thank you.
  4. Hello Thanks dibblejr for the info. For your questions: 1. The jumper was not installed when I received it and I did not install it. 2. I had tried both WS2881 options in the configuration page - in fact, I tried every option - only the WS2811 800 kHz worked. 3. Did the hard reset with no change in status. Still ran BGR even though I selected RGB. THEN - out of desperation, I selected GBR in the configuration and the colors were correct. . .Hmmmm. Not one to trust it, I powered down everything and restarted. The thing still worked correctly. Configured it again with RGB and it still worked. I even plugged in two different ribbon strings and ran the original ribbons with another Pixie 2. All works OK. Cannot reconcile how it got fixed, but, it is. Thanks again!
  5. I have a question about a chase I am trying to make on a single CCRII ribbon. I would like to load successive pixels with Red, White, and Blue. Then, have the entire show march to the right. Would like to have the color scheme continue ad infinitum; in other words, as the lights march right, the leading pixels are illuminated with the next color in the sequence. The effect I am trying to get is Red/White/Blue (repeated for all pixels) marching across a single CCRII ribbon. Trying to do this in the SS editor has stumped me: it only lets you put one color on the ribbon at a time. If I try to add a different color, it changes all previous colors to the new one. This happens in the scene and Morph editors. Am I missing something or is this not possible?
  6. Similar problem: I have 2 pixie 2 controllers. They came packaged with the CCR II kit from LOR. So - the controller and both ribbons are direct from LOR - no mix and match problems. One works fine; the other will not change its order from BRG no matter what I try. They both came with v1.04 and have both been upgraded to v 1.06. I have tried every configuration trick I could find from the manual and this web site. Beginning to think the controller is bad. Before i send it back, does anybody have a definitive test I can do?
  7. Have been using SE4 for a year. Installed 5.14 last week with no problems and am just now starting on the tutorials. So - 5.5.16 just arrived. I downloaded it so I could stay abreast of the innovations. My anti-virus (BitDefender) tells me " File C\Program Files (x86)\Light-O-Rama\LORVerifier.exe is infected with Gen:Variant.Bulz.199282 and was moved to quarantine." The SE5 installed stalled due to (I assume) the the file being stashed wherever BitDefender put it. I fully uninstalled the existing LightORama software and tried installing it again - same results. Anti-virus software suggests I do a system scan to see if anything else happened. I am doing that now. . . Anybody else having this problem?
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