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  1. Hi everybody! What is the easiest way to make sequence that look like graphic aqualizer? Something like "instant sequence" feature?
  2. This year i used N4-G4 with about 3500 pixels in one network (pixcon16 + pixie 8) with 500K
  3. sorry, i was sure, that nobody can buy s5 without superstar.
  4. it's possible to stretch the effects, using the tool named "move or scale effects". It work fine, if u don't have a star or a globe in the top of the tree. Othewise u should scale effects separatly.
  5. I have an issue with my N4-G4: I tryed to run my lights using director (made the SD card via HUB etc). And when i put it to N4-G4, it shows "init", during this pixcons stop flashing red (so they have get the network from N4-G4), then director start the show, but the lights doesn't flash. The status led on the director doesn't flash too. The network settings are the same, like on the PC during writing SD card. And playing sequence through PC (via USB-LOR adapters) goes fine. Could it be broken N4-G4? Or i do something wrong? 3 hours before i've created SD card for other N4-G4, but in
  6. Ok, thanks. Now all is clear for me
  7. Thanks. But it’s interesting for me and i want to know: will the pixels work faster in case of using 4 ports all set up to regular network for 4 pixcon16, instead of using one port for 4 pixcons?
  8. Hi! I have a question about N4-G4: I have about 10000 pixel tree and i want to control it with N4-G4. If i set all 4 ports to "regular" network (not AUX A, AUX B etc.), will it work proper with controllers in my network? Or i should set up each port to it's own network (regular for port 1, aux a for port 2 etc.)
  9. I've used the wrong word "intensity" instead of "speed". So, my problem solved when i put the effect to other layer.
  10. Hi! I've made a sequence, and some days later i've added a shimmer effect. And i can't change it's intensity in scene setup window, because it's inactive. I've tried to change the value editing the sequence file in notepad, but nothing changed. What do i do wrong? screenshot
  11. Hi! Send, please, a copy. 9006822@gmail.com Thanks
  12. There about 15 parts of superstar sequncer tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VjB_wO1dMn8 And it shows all basic tools, that you need to make a musical sequences.
  13. Hi! I would be glad to have a copy of any sequence you have for a any size of pixel tree 9006822@gmail.com Thanks!
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