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  1. Does anyone have singing faces for King and Country Drummer Boy? I got the sequence done just cant figure out the faces. Anderson372008@gmail.com Thanks!
  2. "I would like a copy sent to anderson372008@gmail.com" "I agree to not sell or share this sequence with anyone. This request will be used for my private, personal use on my show only. I also understand the mere fact of making changes to the borrowed sequence and pasting it in to my sequence does not make it mine to share". Please and Thank You Mike
  3. Compatible with LOR? And where can i find these?
  4. I can do that. Im more so looking for suggestions on controllers that power more than 100 pixels per port and would give me the greater distance to complete the outline. Pictures to follow when i get home
  5. Hello I would like to outline my roof with pixels as my next project but am unsure where to start. I am familiar with the CCB and Pixie 2 controllers. Ideally, I would like to run it off of one controller, with the least amount of wires as possible. What are some suggestions as to how this can be accomplished. Mounting is not an issue as I have that figured out. Is there something available that would allow me to run everything off of one controller? Maybe with power inducers? Im not quite sure what it will take as far as pixel amount, but its a fairly large area. Thanks in advance Mike
  6. I have a second red adapter. How do I go about putting it on its own network? I know change it in the channel confit, but would that cable run from my computer straight to this controller.
  7. Crap. Now I have to find a new one. Show looks silly with a dead spiral tree right up front... Thanks for the reply
  8. Will this older controller not work on an enhanced network? I bought it used to run a spiral tree. I can find it in utility but it will not connect to my network. Already changed cables and did basic troubleshooting. I’ve read that it should work and I’ve read that it won’t work
  9. I got a whole new setup and got it installed today. New controller and 4 new strings of lights. So far its working. I also eliminated the extension cables that i was using. Not sure if that was part if the problem too
  10. Thanks I'm thinking about wrapping them around a bush just to mimic another controller. Its not imperative that I do this, but i'd rather use them then let them collect dust!
  11. I have a few extra CCB Pixel bulbs with controllers sitting in my garage that I would like to incorporate into my show. Is it possible to assign them the same controller number as something already sequenced to mimic it or do I have to assign it a new number and modify all of my sequences?
  12. Im not that savvy with electronics. I opened a ticket. I dont have a Spare controller lying around to test it
  13. So they sent me a third string and they worked for one day. Now just the first three pixels light up. Verified 12v controller and 12 volt strings. Any idea what else could be wrong??
  14. Oh man, I have to have this one If I could Anderson372008@gmail.com Thanks! Mike
  15. I believe its been the originals so far. This one concerns me because i hooked up a different string and got the same result. So I'm not sure it its the string, the controller or something else.
  16. I believe they are all 12v. Bought the set from LOR and they have warranty replaced the 2 so far. Ive opened a help desk ticket looking for a solution
  17. Anyone have real trouble with a pixie2? I have had to replace two strings of lights and had a third die tonight. Wouldn't be so bad if these were not mounted on my roofline. The one that died tonight worked two days ago. Starting to get a little frustrated with them and would hate to take them down. Thanks Mike
  18. Ok the cat5 cables do go to my other controllers so you are saying that if I put a termination at the end of the line, that should solve it? I never thought to unhook the cat5 cables. It was 3 am when the flashing woke me up so unplugging was the quickest route.
  19. Hello I had to unplug my controller last night due to random channel blinking. First it was channel 1 and 2, and when I unplugged the lights to those, channels 3 and 4 started blinking. There are Cat 5's in and out of this controller, but it is not hooked up to my show computer currently. Anyone else ever had this issue? Thanks Mike
  20. Thanks Guys! Changing my network speed seems to have solved the problem. Hopefully I don't get to the point where I have to add another network. I don't feel like going and changing all my sequences. Maybe next year when I try out S5. Mike
  21. Not sure I am reading this right, but would this allow you to run Cat 5 to either side of the house? I've been mapping my display in my head and am trying to figure out how to connect it all. If this works like I think you are saying, that will solve another issue i may run into.
  22. Thanks Guys! I will check the network speed when I get home this evening. I have also added two red adapters to my shopping list! Mike
  23. Im going to guess non enhanced. Im not that savvy when it comes to networking speeds. Im just using the black 485 adapter that came with the start up kit
  24. I have a few songs that I went pretty crazy on the pixel sequencing and they are large slow to load files. My problem, It really lags when played. I had one that the song finished and the lights kept going for about 30 seconds. The lights were actually behind and noticeably slow. I have 1500 pixel channels (500 lights X3) so it isn't anything too crazy. Trying to figure out the solution. Is it buy the RED adapter? Is my computer too slow (its actually brand new). I should add that when I play the sequence without controlling the lights, it plays through just fine. Any suggestions are welcomed and I thank you in advance. Mike
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