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  1. i agree superstar is great as well as holiday.... lightorama can be tricky at times they love to protect their sequences to a point of overkill read everything i mean everything
  2. I would like more information on that my email is btg_always@hotmail.com thanks
  3. what does it do to the folder that is original and has sequences in it Overwrite the existing ones?
  4. Is there something special to copy sequences from 1 computer to another. I have my regular light show that runs the show. but when I am out of town i work sequences from my laptop. they have a different preview and its not quite working out copying to my show computer thanks
  5. well thanks JR That's alot more help than I got from new york
  6. does anyone had a problem with the singing trees? I bought 2 of them in the spring sale for xmas I installed them with just the rgb star (daisy Chained) the rgb star is on my com9 with aux e network rgb star is channel 36 and 38 my singing tree default is regular network and channel 30,31 32,33 I just installed 2 trees and it is network E, channel 0A and 0C i used these channels cause they were not being used. I got the motion paks and the regular sequences cause the motion paks require the base sequence. so i installed the base sequence and used Hub to install the motion pak the base sequence has its own preview and it put the singing tree in the preview but does not play the trees in the preview nor the actual lights Have I missed something? i know in the sequencer they have the newer network and com and channels in the revised configuration
  7. thank you matt, I already did, they were quick to respond. but its a weekend and thought someone had possible answers. I am sure some more ideas will come on mon or tues
  8. yes I got the routine I think Unload light o remove the program thru uninstall... light wipe.. reboot then install using all new PW and new directory Thanks tho for the info
  9. the other thing is I have a programming computer and a drive show computer The drive show computer has win 10 the program and the program puter has win 8 The win 8 upgraded just fine... the win 10 is the problem child
  10. actually I got this all on 5.4 The new one and reinstalled 4 times thanks for responding
  11. HAs any one had any problems with Hub and windows 10? specifically trying to schedule a show but giving this error (new). I did run S4 last year and decided to give s5 a try And its not friendly to me and gave me this error (error) any suggestions would be great especcialy with (New) the"new" error is specific to scheduling a show with HUB. The "Error" is with "Se" sequencer and then freezes
  12. has anyone seen this error?
  13. Regular Network: 57.6K non-Enhanced with Five 16 channel controllers (80 channels max being used). AuxA Network: 500K non-Enhanced with tree, star, & circles with 1,000 pixels total. AuxB Network: 500K non-Enhanced with hortizontal matrix and big bulbs with 1,200 pixels. AuxC Network: 500K non-Enhanced - 1600 14x100 big (channel 15,160 4x50 bullet bulbs rgb star AuxD Network: 57.6K non-Enhanced with eleven 16 channel controllers (176 channels max being used). So drop the speed from 500 to 100K? as far as enhanced I need to export from Superstar in enhanced mode. (each sequence) then network preferences in sequence editor.... enhanced for that network I only split up my regular network and Aux d because they are opposite ends of the house
  14. Regular and com 8 are 57.6 these are the regular controllers.... all the other networks are 500L ....all networks are non enhanced ....regular network 1 thru 4 is old style lights may be 200 lights not running them all channel A is my ribbons 16 (tree) (RGB star) 50 pixels each and 4 ribbon circles 50 pixels. B network has 16 x 50 pixels (Horizontal display bullet bulbs) daisy chained to the 2 pixie 2's with 4 ports of 100 pixals (Big Bulbs)...C network has 16 channels... 1-14 Is the house borders along with ground borders these are 100 pixels( big Bulbs) ...network D with regular controllers 7-17 has wagon wheels all sizes trees picket fence prob around a 1000 different led lights (No RGB Bulbs). I tried some enhanced when going from SS to SE. Did not work for me... I am sure I am doing things wrong
  15. 16 regular controller's 3 pixie 16 and 2 pixie 2's Regular controllers are on a regular networks and com 8 ...my 16 ccr ribbon tree is on aux a with my 4 circles both are ribbons I have a Horizontal pixie 16 that is bullet bulbs that's on aux B net work along with the 2 pixie 2's that border my back shop with big rgb bulbs..... and then I have a house border with the big rgb bulbs along with 2 ports for a RGB star. All of these rgb are on 100 big bulbs except the bullets that are 50
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