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  1. What I NEED is a smaller fn yard! LOL
  2. I think your thinking about pixels... I am using traditional incandescent lights (AC) in these canes. Ugh, math... With the one 450' run, I'll need 3376' of SPT. If I add a second controller, I'll only need 2720'. So, yeah, a second controller would need less cable, but it has the added expense of a second controller.
  3. Who'da thunk some cheap $3 candy canes would turn in to such a project?!?! If they didn't look so good, or last so long, I would've just scrapped the whole thing...But, here we are.
  4. Another thought... These lights are just traditional AC incans. All this work would just be to add chases. I am doing all this planning under that the assumption that 8 channels would give a much better chase effect than 6, 4, or 2. Would this be correct? If 4 channels would do just as good, I could cut the SPT cost in half.
  5. Gotcha, thanks. I knew I read that somewhere. Well I just did the math (somebody tell me if I'm wrong). From the factory each string of 3 canes is 0.12 amps. 0.12 amps / 3 canes = 0.04 amps per cane. With one long run of 450' that would put 11 canes on each channel. 11 canes x 0.04 amps = .44 amps per channel. The longest run will be 450' (of course each channel will be 8' shorter than the previous). Will voltage drop/brightness come in to play with these amperages and distances?
  6. Yep. Agree to all, except these are AC incan canes...
  7. I DID think about this (great minds...). Did you use LOR AC controllers? I thought I read somewhere that LOR controllers switched the grounds (-), not the power (+). So it would be a common +, not common -. I have read a LOT of info the last few weeks, so I could be mistaken.
  8. The math is giving me a headache already... 88 canes... 2 controllers, 16 channels each, etc. Mapping this out in sequencing would be a pain. Good thinking though. Two controllers would definitely be cheaper than a buttload of SPT. But I would still need a buttload of SPT. On one hand, I'm starting to wonder if it would be worth it all. On the other, it has become a challenge to see if it can be done!
  9. Nope. Controller will be right at the end of the string of canes. I'm thinking of running 8 SPT pairs either: 1. From the controller, around the entire perimeter in one direction, (150'+75'+150'+75'=450') using 1 SPT for each channel and tapping in every 8th cane. (450' perimeter x 8 channels = 2600' of SPT) This would give me 11 canes on each 450' run of SPT. 2. Split in both directions from the controller. (((150'+75')*2)=450' total) This would give me two 225' runs with 5 or 6 canes on each SPT. If these were minitrees with 300+ lights each then #2 would be the way to go. But
  10. I have used 36, 28", candy canes to light the front edge of the yard. (Big yard, approx. 150'x75') I have cut and spaced them 8' apart, daisy chained them and put them on 1 AC channel. Next year I would like to add about 50 more and go around the entire perimeter, but, I want to separate them into 8 separate channels for chases. Does anybody have an easy way to do this besides 8 separate, 450' extension cord runs?
  11. This was my first year doing an animated show. I placed my first orders on November 9th and had the show running Dec. 8th. Yes, I was amazed I got it up and running in such a short time, too! However, I took a LOT of shortcuts just to get the blinky-flashy things working. I figured sequencing would take the longest (I figured right), but didn't have the time to do it from scratch. I bought some commercial sequences and borrowed a couple others. Used S5 to set up Preview, hardware, network, Show Editor/Scheduler, etc. Everything is Okey Dokey. Yes the lights all worked, singing faces were
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