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  1. I'm planning on ordering the InputPup to play around with this year. I've considered connecting an input to an Insteon I/O Linc, which I'd control via sun events in NodeRED. But instead of this software to hardware to hardware to hardware and back to software approach, I'm hoping that LOR S5 has some sort of hook, like an .exe that simply sets a trigger, or commands a different sequence or show. Is there a way to automate LOR using software, or am I bound to the primitive Schedule Editor and InputPup hardware triggers in a show?
  2. Jim, Sorry I missed that text before, but it happens to be exactly what I thought I needed to do in the first place. But when I first click on the entry for Universe 1 Adapter, "LORNetworkConfig has stopped working" and terminates. Every time. Unless I unplug the second USB485; then I can access the settings and plug the USB485 back in. But then, nothing is in the Adapter drop-down. So I guess my question really is: why does a second USB485 crash Network Preferences, and how do I correct that? John
  3. Please look at the picture I linked. It shows one USB485 driving its own DMX-512 network, which is what I'm trying to do, not using E1.31.
  4. I have 3 RGB wash lights on the front of my house, each driven by DMX-RGB controllers & connected to wireless DMX receivers, paired to the transmitter on my DMX board. For Christmas, I naturally want to integrate those into LOR. Following this picture at LOR, I bought another USB485 adapter for a second, DMX network, and connected the DMX transmitter to it. I've confirmed in Windows Settings that both adapters have been assigned COM ports. And that's where I'm stuck. How do I configure the other adapter for DMX in LOR like in the picture? I see the DMX tab in Network preferences,
  5. I was surprised when my 25x16 Pixel Tree kit arrived and S5 software downloaded that nowhere were any instructions on what this complete newbie to everything needed to do to configure one in the other. I thought I finally figured it out, but no cigar. I manually programmed a rainbow scrolling down the tree, which looks right on screen, but totally wrong (visually stunning, but wrong) when played in a show. And I can't find any options to launch SuperStar from within a sequence. So the tree I'm seeing on screen isn't recognized as pixels configurable by SuperStar, nor is it mapped correctly
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