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  1. Thank you all, I gave this a try, and the Max unit ID was set for 18 as suggested. 10, 11, and 12 would be found even with a Hexadecimal count, right?
  2. Hi again, the ID did not revert to 01 after I shut down, moved the jumper over, powered on, moved it back, and powere don again. Unit ID stays as 11/10.
  3. Hi the ducks, I set the unit ID to 10,11, and 13 for each of the three new Gen 3 contollers. I also set them on their own network; prior to this, they were sharing a network with two Pixie 8 trees, and they blinke don and off during a sequence/show. ( I wanted the trees on their own 500k enhanced network.) I set the Unit IDs for the controllers that are not working by unplugging all other networks and devices, and manually set the IDs in Hardware Utility one at a time- and I tested them via Console (they worked). When I do this again, they will not appear however. I know its not the
  4. Hey thanks jfuller8400, I did check the jacks and don’t see any bent pins. All of the controllers have solid green status lights on whether the HU/SE is running or not. The verify did come up with message 28- a channel in some of my sequences has no input so I should delete it to increase speeds... but that doesn’t explain the issue of the controllers not appearing in HU or working with SE, once I daisy chained them. I’m wondering if the jacks are broken in some a other way, or if the boards inside the controllers need a hard reset.... I tried to add them to a dif network as well a
  5. I need help guys! So we have three new Gen 3 controllers on their own Comm network, which is set as "Aux B", so they will receive the instructions from SEditor sent to AUx B. Each of the 3 controllers have unique IDs 10.11.and 12 respectively. They each performed perfectly when I had them connected by themself and they turned the LEDs on and off as part of the sequence. But once I daisy chained them together with cat5e, the Sequences will NOT work at any of the three controllers. In addition to this, when I use Hardware Utility to search Comm 7, which all 3 are definitely on, only 1 unit
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