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  1. I'd like a copy as well please. Thank you in advance. carl.d.campbell67@gmail.com
  2. Ahhh yes...I have asked for some of his stuff and he kindly obliged but I think I deleted all the channels that I didn't need/use. Not a big deal...I just wanted to see the sequence structure. I think I'm going to go a different route after discussing it with the boss (aka wife).
  3. As a newbie, I am planning my next season already and wanted to incorporate a spiral tree. I've watched the construction videos and those seem straight forward but I don't have any idea what a sequence would look like for the tree itself. Does anyone have a sequence they'd be willing to share so I can see what it looks like? Thank you. Carl
  4. Very cool. Thank you so much for the inspiration!
  5. So your light strands of 200 (ran parallel so I'm guessing 100 per strand) are slightly off set (same color lights per channel?) and then ran from the top to the ground as one "channel"?
  6. So the trees are three dimensional, not just a flat 2D tree from what I can tell?. Did you wrap the lights from top to bottom in a spiral method? That seems to be what I've been able to find on the internet. Excuse my newbie-ness....I just like to ask questions when I see something wonderfully done. Appreciate your time.
  7. Cool! How did you build your spiral trees? They look so much "fuller" than any that I've seen. Nice job! Carl
  8. Interesting. So you have to program each little node to do all that "movement"? I'm digging your set up! Carl
  9. Jim, for my own curiosity, that would require one long power cord and one long CAT5 yes (if it didn't need to connect to another controller)? Thanks. Carl
  10. Do you have a link or video of this in action? I'd love to see what it does. Thanks! Carl
  11. I just discovered this option and I do have a separate question about it. Do I have to add a new image of my house for every sequence? If I select a different sequence, it asks me to add an image. I already set up my image with my lights where I want them so can this be imported into a new sequence? Thanks! Carl
  12. I have sequenced a fraction of my stuff using the SE and then when the show plays, I just watch to see what it does. I just discovered the Animation (Visualizer) option and have used it a couple of times. Currently, my controllers are in my garage running my Christmas show but here in a few days, I plan on taking everything down and moving the controllers into the house (man cave) and testing my Halloween sequences. I just wasn't sure if it needed to be in a "show" or not to actually see the lights in action.
  13. Greetings all, now that Christmas is over I'll be working on my Halloween props for next year but since this is all still new to me, here is my question. How do I run a single sequence from the SE to test it? Do I have to create a show then play that show? Thanks in advance. Carl
  14. It seems to have fixed itself as everything worked like it was supposed to last night. I'll check again tonight and see. Thanks for the inputs.
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