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  1. Yeah, that is my biggest worry at this point. I have a tree in the front yard and back yard I could tether to just in case. Just didn't know if there was an easier way to go about this. Thanks.
  2. I am looking at setting up 4 singing trees on the peak of my house facing the road. I am thinking of framing each tree with 2x4's and then creating a large sawhorse type structure with 2x4's straddling the peak of my house to fasten the frames into. I intend to have the 2x4's extend down the roof enough to prevent it from flipping over. Is there an easier and less intrusive way to do this?
  3. So I am watching this video online of a halloween song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QbNE1x21gqA - at about the 7:20 minute mark he has his lights going vertically with the beat of the music. Anyone know what effect this would fall under? I tried to manipulate a couple, like the fire and scanner effects, but none are giving me the same appearance. Let me know if anyone can help, thanks!
  4. Worked for my pixie 8, now I need to go to the rest of the controllers and do the same thing. Hopefully controllers will be good after this. Thanks!
  5. The "8" switch was on, all others were off. Does that correspond to unit 1?
  6. Ok, I will check that after this rain passes through, thanks!
  7. So after 2 weeks I finally got my light show running. Last night I played a sequence and it went just like it should. I powered down all my boxes last night and this morning I went out to verify they would all work still and wouldnt you know it, things went awry. I noticed early on that my pixie 8 controller was lighting up strands 5 and 6. Ironically, that is supposed to be the unit ID for my box attached to my windows. My pixie 8 controller is supposed to be set to unit ID 9. I am assuming the unit ID reset to 1, which would mess up everything else. So I am wondering if anyone has had
  8. I have an 8 ribbon CCR-II tree running off a pixie 8 v 1.09 controller. I updated all software and versions available (running 5.3.12 pro version). Some animations will work on the tree, but some others will not (right now trying to run meteor and snowflake effect and nothing happens). I've had a multitude of issues with my whole entire light setup this year, but I got most of it figured out and this still lingers. Would like to get some sort of show up before christmas! If anyone has any ideas I would appreciate it!
  9. Did you figure out your issue? I have the exact same problem and still am not sure why. I have a 500k enhanced network hooked to my tree, and there are some motion effects that simply will not play on the tree at all.
  10. They light up as they should, yes. I have not tried any motion effects yet. But the first 4 light up just fine. I attached a picture of the other night when I was trying things out.
  11. The card is registered as unit 9 (confirmed on HU). I put the prop as a 180 tree and it automatically read 9, 0A-0F and 10. I set it to recognize as rgb pixels with no motion effect rows. They are ccrII ribbons.
  12. So I had all my songs from last year on computer A. I redid 9 songs with s5 software on this computer. I simply copied the timings from all songs from the previous year (opened them up in s5 and it recognized them, etc.). I then created entire new files using the preview and props and everything s5 had to offer. The only thing I copied from my old songs was the timing grids. Well nothing was working with shows and lights were wonky, etc. So I was wondering if that could be an underlying cause.
  13. Yes. They also run just fine from the HU.
  14. How would I reroute where it reads from? I saved the file with music together in the default "sequences" folder in light o rama.
  15. So I posted before about a power supply issue to my pixie 8 controller, but it did not fix my issue. Right now when I run a sequence through my controller, ports 1-4 light up correctly, but ports 5-8 only light up the first 3 pixels in the strand. I have 2, 200W power supplies, each feeding one side of the controller. I tried resetting my controller and putting the latest firmware on it, but it still does the same thing. Not sure if it is a faulty card, or if something is wired incorrectly. I cannot attach a picture, because the file is too large. If you need to see the picture of my car
  16. So I just transitioned to a new computer. I installed the s5 software suite on my new computer. I copied all songs/backup files, etc from my old computer to my new one. I updated the path for songs so it reads them from my new computer. Whenever I go to play the show (just did a simple show builder and ran show on demand), there is no music and the lights just blink erradically (which is a whole other problem in itself). My question is, why wont it play my music or anything correctly?
  17. So I am still trying to figure out why my lights are glitchy in my light show this year. Perhaps someone has some experience in this realm, but are you able to copy your timings and/or effects from an s4 to s5 sequencer file? I did my old songs on s4 software and updated this year to s5, so I copied my timings from the s4 sequences to the updated song versions. Does this cause issues for anyone?
  18. Do you know if there is a given ratio for this (for example, turning intensity down X% would mean you need X less power supply size)? Also, I just didnt want to open my box in the rain. It is in the weatherproof case, but didnt want to expose my pixie controller to the rain itself when I open it to mess with it.
  19. I missed your post earlier, but I guess you did allude to this in what you said. I went out and got a bunch of ends for my wires, but didnt have it secured tightly enough. I will definitely not make this mistake again. On a side note, would a power supply issue like this affect all lights on a network? My light shows have been funky, only like 1 pixel on each strand is playing. Some effects work, but most dont. Didnt know if a low power supply would carry over and affect other boxes or not
  20. So I am not working on my controllers today due to rain outside, but I want to run a few things by you. I have a 2nd 200W power supply on hand (was powering a pixie 4 controller that just blew up on me - negative and positive terminals arced on me). Would it be possible to stack those in my box and feed power from the one power supply to the first 4 ports and the 2nd power supply to power the 2nd 4 ports. I saw someone on a thread saying they did that with a pixie 16 controller. I ordered a 350W power supply off holidaycoro to run my other pixie 4 controller (the non-fried one). Looks sim
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