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  1. No, not getting an error message when creating the play back. It just gives a message showing the breadcrumb of where the file was saved. Nothing other than that. Ill submit it to help desk and see what they come back with. Thanks for all the help!!
  2. Sorry guys, I feel like I'm leading you on a wild goose chase. So here's where things are currently. I save the sequence (loredit) file type and the sequence fully populates (file size is ~2,500KB) When I convert the file to a playback file, it saves the sequence without anything (what I'm calling empty) and the file size is then only 2kb. All of my sequences are using every channel at some point in during the sequence. So I know this is where the error is. However, when I use the HU or Hub to build the show, it throws an error saying that the sequence doesnt have program
  3. Empty, meaning the sequence does not load anything when played. The file size is still a few hundred KB, but doesn’t play. I’m using the Hub to write the show to the SD card.
  4. I have found the issue! Still don’t know the solution, but I now know what is causing the problem so that’s a big step in the right direction. When writing the show to an SD card, the files are coming across empty. But if I build the exact same show and use the computer to run it, everything works fine. I realize this thread has taken a wild turn now, so I might be better to post a new thread. But any idea why the sequences would be empty if put on an SD card, but not if it is run by a computer? I can can run the show via computer, but it makes things a b
  5. Okay now I'm really confused. I just verified that each sequence is actually a working sequence, yet the Verify tool is populating the same 3 errors. I also tried the single show and it gives me the same errors. I updated my software to 5.2.2 Pro (was running 5.1.4 Pro before) and ran the verify again. Now I am getting 18 errors. 3 that are the same as before, but 15 errors that say "Application File Does Not Exist" - Error - 7. The suggestion was to uninstall Light-O-Rama and reinstall. Doing it now...
  6. I think I may have found it. Is it in the prop definition?
  7. Sorry, this is the noob coming out here.... Where do I find the network assignment in the sequence editor? (I'm using S5)
  8. I ran the verify and I get three errors (same errors in for each sequence), all orange. Sequence is completely off. - Warning - 29 Channel is completely off. - Warning - 28 - Channel c0 Channel is missing settings. - Warning - 30 - Channel c0 My guess is #3 comes from having setup a channel for a CCR and Pixie controller that I purchased but did not program because it was a bit daunting to try to do in such a short period of time. If I am reading this right, #2 is referencing that same channel. #1 worries me though. Every sequence I have, does have music and effects a
  9. Hi everyone, So I am fairly new to all this. I've run one CTB16PCg3 (firmware 1.08) for the past two years. But this year I purchased 3 more controllers, (all CTB16PCg3, firmware 1.09) and programmed 4 sequences using the 64 different channels, assigning the props to each controller and unique channel. I set up unique ID's for each controller using the HU and tested each one (individually, but not together). I have each controller daisy-chained in order, 1 -> 2 -> 3 -> 4 using cat5e cables and am running everything off of the MP3 Director. Every controller has a steady gr
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