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  1. It's Working !!!!!! I turned of dip switches off on pixie controller. Set unit id to 40. I only had 8 strings at first. I changed configuration back to 16 strings and set folds back to 0. It looks good and seems to be in time. Thank you so much!!!! HI FIVE, Marty
  2. I'll give it a try. I sent my configuration to the help desk. They replied everything looks good and to try and reset the unit id again. I used the dip switches so I'll try setting it with the hardware utility. Thanks Again and I'll let you know. Marty
  3. Just asking. So if the unit id is supposed to be 40 why when you add using the 16x25 does it always make it 10? Thanks Marty
  4. i bought the sequences and motion packs from lightorama I'll try my tree with the changes this afternoon. Thanks a bunch
  5. I believe thats the tree I originally used. I'll try it again. Also does it mater that my tree is flat rather than cone shapped or round Thank you I really appreciate the help. I want to get this tree working. Thanks Marty
  6. Hello I added a pixie 16 tree plug n play kit this year. I have the new g4 mini director. 2 networks set up. Pixie tree on 500k Enhanced and all the other controllers on 57k as in past. I used the add s5 prop to add tree to my sequences. Everything plays in sequences. When I play sequences only 8 light strands respond. I must not have something configured correctly. Help would be greatly appreciated. Below is the tree confiuration. I also attached screen shot of how tree shows in sequence. Thank you in advance. Marty
  7. ok that makes sense. I'll give it a try and see if I can get it working Thank you
  8. I guess thats where in confused. I counted 150 pixie per string. Is that divided by 3 to get the 50? Thanks Marty
  9. Hello I have had trouble getting all 16 strings on my pixie tree to work. I can only get 8. Im thinking when I added the tree to the preview from the lightorama/superstar choices I picked the wrong one. What one should I be using? i picked the one that says 400 pixiel tree. I changed it to 16 strings. Im thinking that's my problem, Thanks in advance Marty
  10. Question Im trying to run a 16' pixie tree off my laptop using S5. I have the networks separated to 57k and tree on 500k enhanced. When I run my sequences only 8 of the 16 strings work. Im using two rj45 adapters as I didnt has the high speed rj45. Is this a speed issue or am i missing something? I have a new 2 port player ordered. Was just trying to make it work for this weekend. Thank you Marty
  11. Hello and Happy thanksgiving. Need some guidance please I added a ccr2 tree and have my network separated and the speeds set. When I play sequence ccr tree does nothing. Solid red light is on. How do I set the controller or s5 so that it know to use Aux A network for tree Help appreciated. Thank you Marty
  12. Ok i looked at the mp3. It says Gen3 Mini Director ump3g3 it has a Kingston 8gb sd card in it.
  13. 2015 Show time Starter kit with mini director 2016 CTB16PC 2017 CTB16pc 2018 4 50w RGB Floods 2019 CTB16PC 2020 16 Pixie Tree Plug n play controller (lol) I erased all the sequences and did them in enhanced 500k. Now nothing but music works. I understand that the pixie tree needs to operate at 500k and the other controllers at the 57. I use the s5 hub to copy the sequences. Seems like you pick one speed or the other. How do I separate them and create the second network all running the same sequence or whatever you suggest. Thank you
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