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  1. Thanks, very much for your advice. I just ordered a Kill-A -Watt to have on hand. Nice thing to have. It seems that the limiting factor with LED lights is really cumulative leakage rather than amperage. My installation is on a pretty wet roof and it is nearly impossible, definitely impractical, to inspect the thousand or so connection points. I am using commercial twist-lock connections on motherline and still having issues.
  2. Thank everyone for that. Does anyone know if LOR has a guideline for the max number of lights on a channel?
  3. My installation has a large number of lights (about 20,000) on about 8 channels on one controller. I am having issues with that controller tripping GFI when there is rain or moisture. Does anyone have similar experiences and does adding controllers to split up the number of lights on the controller help the situation?
  4. WLP3

    Scheduled Show Times

    This is for a commercial installation and there are set show times
  5. WLP3

    Scheduled Show Times

    Awesome. Thanks, Don. I would like to work with you on some programming in the future!
  6. WLP3

    Scheduled Show Times

    Thanks, Don. I had a problem with that last night. I can get it to start at 5:30 but I think it calculates the next showing from the end of the first showing and keeps getting later. A showtime schedule has been published so I need to stick to the times. Can I have 4 separate shows like I mentioned?
  7. WLP3

    Scheduled Show Times

    I should have clarified that I am using a G3-MP3 director. I need to have the show play at 5:30, 6:30, 7:30, 8:30, and 9:30 with lights on in between. Will I be able to select the actual times with another software version or will I have to program each separately. I would assume that I could do this: Show 1 Start- 5:30 End- 6:30; one time only, lights on Show 2 Start- 6:30 End 7:30; one time only, lights on etc...
  8. Do I need to have a different software package to have scheduled show times rather than hourly. Shows seems to be getting later as we go along on an hourly repeat.
  9. Working from a MP3-G3 so working with an SD card. I will have to play with the visualizer a bit. I am most concerned about me making mistakes in programming. I will have an all-on start sequence for 15 minutes followed by 3 musical sequences in succession every hour, followed by a 5 minutes all on fade out.
  10. This is my first LOR project and unfortunately it is located 1.5 hours away from me, which makes testing out showlists a challenge. Is there a mean of previewing how your shows will run on your computer? It is a bit unnerving to put something together and have it not work out on the job site. Thoughts? Thanks!
  11. Is there any difference in using the Simple Show Builder vs. the Hardware Utility? Is the quality of the show the same? I am using a MP3-G3 with two pro controllers. I know that I can select a higher speed on the HU. Is there a noticeable difference? I am having problems selecting the days of the week I want in the HU. The scheduler seems to be defaulted to daily at 5:00pm and ending at 10:00pm. I only want Friday and Saturday but cant get rid of the start/stop times on other days of the week I dont want. The simple show builder is simpler to use but I am concerned about quality of show. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. WLP3

    All-on Sequence

    Thanks, Don. I only want my sequences to run on Friday and Saturday. When I am setting the times in the HWU scheduler it has default times for other days of the week that I dont want. How do I get rid of the times on the days I dont want to run the sequence? Putting zeros in the start/stop times creates an error when writing to sd. It defaults to 5:00pm start and 10:00pm end and I cant get them to go away.
  13. WLP3

    All-on Sequence

    Thank you SO Much Guys for your help. I will try to modify a filler animation sequence to produce an all-on sequence and add it to the beginning and end of the schedule. Should I set the day of the week from my MP3-G3 or from the HWU?
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