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  1. I am getting a generic error "Your SD Card was not created due to errors with one or more sequences" But no further information on what sequence or error is occurring. They are all RTG files - nothing self made, I even reset locations for audio files on all of them just to be safe. Does anyone have suggestions on how to figure out what's going on? I am pretty technically savvy, but normally I at least get log files to help figure things out. Thanks B
  2. Thanks Mr. P - the CMB24D is for window lights, sorry I didn't explain that. Zuzu (the tree) came with her own controller. Would there be a preference on which new controller is 3 or 4, or can I just set the tree to 3 and the CMB to 4 and give it a try?
  3. We have been using LOR Showtime with 2 controllers for a few years, this year we are adding a singing tree (from LOR - not hand built) and CMB-24D Deluxe card. Is this really going to be as easy as stringing these new controllers off controller #2 or is there something else I need to do in the software? I vaguely remember having to set the controller numbers, but the software was a lot different then. Any assistance would be appreciated. Trying to get this live this weekend before we leave town for the Holiday - thankfully I can start it up remotely 🙂 B
  4. i will take them! let me know how you want me to pay you and how to get you my address
  5. I would love this please - it will drive my husband nuts locustgroves@gmail.com
  6. @jthomason - I would love this if you are sharing.. locustgroves@gmail.com
  7. I would love a copy as well locustgroves@gmail.com please
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