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  1. Hey Mega Arch for some reason when i saved the sequence and went to run it in LOR it comes up as no channels and wont upload it says "no channel group with saved index".
  2. Thanks. No way to get faces done this year but something to work on for next season.
  3. Can you email me a copy? heidi_03@msn.com Thanks
  4. My wife is a big Owl City fan. Would love to check this out to play for her as a surprise one night. heidi_03@msn.com Thanks
  5. heidi_03@msn.com for email... sorry forgot to add that.
  6. Could i get a copy? Just starting to dabble in the non christmas music.
  7. Want to mess around with making faces. Could i get a copy? Thanks. heidi_03@msn.com
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