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  1. I would love a copy of them billschnur929@yahoo.com
  2. I would like a copy of it as well billschnur929@yahoo.com
  3. I would love a copy as well. billschnur929@yahoo.com
  4. Would love to see what you have to share as well. billschnur929@yahoo.com
  5. Me as well billschnur929@yahoo.com thanks
  6. I was wondering if I could get them as well billschnur929@yahoo.com
  7. Ok being new to the whole setup I run just one controller with 16 channels. Is there any sight that had free sequences to use for 16 channels only until I can learn the software?
  8. Ok yes they are not able to be changed, I just want to get rid of the ones that do not have music. I will try this approach but I will make a back up just in case.
  9. OK thank you, maybe I just make another one with the songs I want then
  10. I have a question i rx an SD Card with my starter package for the mini director and it has pre loaded songs and seq on it. I want to get rid of the ones without music, so one the are marked like file 001 and so forth. How do I delete the ones with no music and just change the lights? I do not like the down time. I think I just delete the files but want to make sure I delete the correct stuff. New to all of this.
  11. Thank you all for you help and advice
  12. I recently purchased the starter package controller 16 channels. It say it requires 30amp. Is this really needed? I will only have one to two strands on each line with no LED lights(which I know draw less. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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