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  1. The input pup solution is great but I have over 8 sequences that would need to be fired...a midi to relay solution would be expensive, clunky. Plus, I don't think the input pup has enough triggers. If you happen to run across a viable solution, could you keep me in the loop Protege94?
  2. I have seen MIIP but its not applicable to my application. People will actually be sitting watching the show. No need for voting...I need to on-demand fire off a sequence. Is there anybody else out there that might possibly have a solution?
  3. I do not know if this is currently possible with 5.0 or higher, but is there any way to externally control LOR shows/sequences through the command line or even MIDI commands? I would love to be able to run certain sequences/shows or stop all sequences/shows on demand and in real time using a programmable MIDI board/controller. I know this could be semi-possible using the input PUP, but that would require too many midi relays to control 8 or more sequences and gets to be extremely messy. Does anybody here have any solutions; running batch files maybe? I'm not foreign to scripting/programming so
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