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  1. I went and bought a new laptop. Im gave up on the other computer.
  2. Heres what I got Mr Orville. Channel Config 2019.1.lcc
  3. yeah but we turned the whole thing off by actually going into defender and malware and turned off everything one by one manually in both.
  4. All LOR sequences. I can save and work other files on my laptop. Only having trouble in LOR. I can open and edit a sequence then when I try to save I get error pop ups. Ive follow tech guys and uninstalled wiped numerous times to no avail. LOR Tech has exhausted their help online. So we setup a remote access session next week.
  5. It still gives me an error saving file with must save file to upload.
  6. Ill try and see if that works. Thanks for your help.
  7. If I could I would Bob. Could you suggest how I can send it. Im open for any other advice on this problem. Thank you
  8. Well I lost my sequences (16 songs) about 3-4 years worth of sequencing work. Ive been running LOR shows since 2015. Ive always been a saving fanatic so I am beside myself as to what has happened. LOR tech support is trying to help me save my songs but so far its been about 12 days and still no luck. Its a problem even LOR is stumped over. I try to save work and it comes up error saving file. Then ask if I would like to save under a new file name and again it says file error unable to save file. So then I try to move and save the file or even parts of it and says same thing again. So to ma
  9. How do I transfer songs into my sequencer program and open on a different computer.? (I already downloaded the S4 software) I save my work onto an SD card and run my shows off these cards. Can I transfer song/sequence back onto a new computer? If so how? Im running S4 on 4.4.4 running on Advanced license. 7 control boxes CTB16PCg3, operating string led lights. 4 channels are on/off channels for strobe lights. Playing shows through an SD card show player and FM broadcaster. Every time I try to open sequence file my computer looks in the App store for an app to open the file. I hope I'm
  10. My whole house FM transmitter is in a dull blinking mode and won't let me adjust the frequency numbers. One of the power wires came out of SD card reader/show player. I put the wires back in and secured the wire with the tiny lug connectors. I also added a 50" phone cord to get box better protected from weather. Any advice from anyone. I would be on with my show if someone could help me out.
  11. Are these still available. Mainly the first listing
  12. Is there something wrong with the Control Panel Log or is these entries normal?
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