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  1. "I would like a copy sent to sresener@gmail.com" "I agree to not sell or share this sequence with anyone. This request will be used for my private, personal use on my show only. I also understand the mere fact of making changes to the borrowed sequence and pasting it in to my sequence does not make it mine to share".
  2. It would be great if I could get a copy sresener@gmail.com Thank you so much as my kids are all over me on this.
  3. Its only a older intel sata ssd I would be shocked if it saturated I/O. A quad core may not help playing a show, but it will sure help out windows 10 with everything else going on in the background.
  4. Yah Im throwing a small ssd in it right now. Its a slow quad core intel n4100 hopefully it does the trick.
  5. Ill start of with a funny story. Im married and sometimes I watch things on my computer that I know a lot of men do. (im not going to say what). But last night I was wondering why I could not hear anything, after about 30 min I instantly realized I was still connected to my outdoor speakers...…………... So to the point I have a couple slower computers that I want to run only the show, what can I get away with using, This computer will only run 4.4 and be stripped of as many running services as possible. I am running a show with all dmx channels if that makes a difference.
  6. Do you know what the exact error is. I can make sequence editor give me the error (error saving file Invalid procedure call) at will. This error is so very easy to prevent on my computer.
  7. Well in the undo settings I unchecked (enable undo recording) and all the memory usage issues went away instantly. The funny thing is I looked for this setting for over a hour to find it. It was to easy to find .
  8. I was trying to copy and paste a mega tree twice into a sequence. It took 45 minutes to do this. If I copied to much and didn't save every time I would get (CAN NOT ALLOCATE MEMORY FOR ARCHIVED EVENT STORE) If I decided to not save I would also get (ERROR SAVING FILE INVALID PROCEDURE CALL) I was monitoring my system resources and sequence editor memory usage would go up to 3500 mb and then the first error would occur. The mega tree was a very busy sequence it alone takes 400mb of disk space Is there a way to disable the undo and redo option?
  9. I have been pretty careful about cleaning up my sequences. My memory issues come from large clipboards and large pasting and don't seem to be due to the size of the file. I find The larger the file the longer the program hangs when saving so I can only imagine how long its going to hang when my files sizes double. Do yours temporarily hand when saving? I am going to try to break down my sequences into smaller ones and then combine them in the end.
  10. I wanted to say I'm not in any way complaining. Over all I have had a great experience and no real setbacks with choosing lor.
  11. Well with large sequences im running into memory issues. I can't exactly remember the error sequence editor gives me but its about memory resources. And again I completely agree that 64bit does not bring any "magical speedup" when my computer is waiting on the software to finish its "thinking or doing" its using less than 10% of its cpu resources and less than 1% of my nvme's " theoretical transfer rate.
  12. I am not lead to believe anything, and I completely agree with what you just said. 64bit just allows access to more resources and I have seen 64bit versions slower than there 32bit. And I can only imagine the headaches in trying to develop software that works with everything. And even if you do get it "perfect" Microsoft will change something It seams that with smart pixels, the amount of channels is getting crazy. Right now I only have 3 controllers full with plans to add more controllers. Right now my "the greatest show" sequence is 909 mb and I have to save my work constantly in s4 for fear of it crashing. I already purchased the next two years leds so its only going to get worse. I figure unless s5 works better I will do all my additional work in its own separate sequence. then once its completed simply add it to my main sequence.
  13. Its all dmx on its own private network. I use multiple pixcon16 controllers. I don't have any playback or network issues. I do not make my own sequences, I primarily purchase wowlights sequences then modify them to fit my dmx universes. Where I have issues is I have a very capable computer and im working within some pretty large files. Some sequences are over 900mb in size. I work in sequence editor and it can be painfull working with these files at times. I have had to manage how many clipboards I use, I can not get crazy at pasting ect ect ect. When your using a high end work station and have 64gbs of ram and your 32bit program is running out of memory and pausing after changes.... well some optimizations would be nice . I do understand that they have to make this program work well with a lot of computers.
  14. I'm not sure if this is okay to do or the place to post this and maybe everyone here already knows. I wanted to mention that if anyone needs very well done sequences to head over to wowlights. There deluxe sequences come with everything you need, up to 4 faces, a lot of rgb and dmx, and even a mega tree. And exceptional timing. I'm not affiliated with them I just really appreciate there quality, yes they cost money but for what you get its a bargain. (my opinion)
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