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  1. beamerii@yahoo.com and thank you
  2. Does anyone have a basic 16 channel (or something I can blend into my layout) Star Wars main title or the Imperial March that they would be willing to share? I've looked elsewhere but have had zero luck...….
  3. May I please also have a copy? I've been looking for Halloween songs and this would be perfect! beamerii@yahoo.com
  4. James, If you are still sharing the Harry Potter sequence I'd love a copy as well. Thank you beamerii@yahoo.com
  5. If you are still sharing the stranger things sequence that would be awesome! beamerii@yahoo.com
  6. If you are still sharing the Star Wars sequences I'd be grateful….. beamerii@yahoo.com
  7. I've decided to do a Halloween show this year and ran across your old post of Believers by Imagine Dragons and was wondering if you would still be willing to share the sequence? beamerii@yahoo.com
  8. Jim, I am in the same boat as TopDawg up there so if there are any that you could share with me that would be great. I'm currently running 32 channels and definitely want to upgrade later but for now I created a sequence for TSO Mad Russian and won't have time to create another before Christmas so any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. If this is still available I'd like a copy as well. Beamerii@yahoo.com
  10. 32 channels or better would be good for me a swell if possible. Thank you beamerii@yahoo.com
  11. I'm looking for a 32 channel Christmas in Sarajevo if anyone happens to have one!
  12. James, If you wouldn't mind, I'd love a copy as well...seems to be a huge hit! beamerii@yahoo.com
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