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  1. 800 on the 16x50 mega tree...and 400 I believe on the 4 arches.
  2. I run 2 pixie 16s (mega/arches) without any problems. I have 3 120v panels as well on same network. I have the red high speed adapter. Works fine.
  3. ...................and oh yeah...... GO BUCKEYES!!!!
  4. I am a newbie (2 years).... But I have had a LOT of help on here, and figure if I can help someone else i will try. Last year I ran everything on a LOR network. This year I added DMX. This sounds like what you are doing. It also sounds like you are thinking how I thought in the beginning. That I could run both LOR and DMX on the same "network cable".... If not I apologize. but anyway, I am running 2 parallel networks. 1 USB485 LOR and 1 "CAT5" DMX network off of the same laptop. This is how I had to do it to run my LOR and DMX (alphapix) controllers in the same show/sequences. Is
  5. Must be a ichigan fan... Hahaha. Hey Mr. P. Do you have S4? I bet I can play an S4 file in S5.....(a lot easier than an Xlights file).... My brain just cant grasp why its not working, or how to read these sequences with pixels. 120v is Soooooo much easier........on.......off........ I just don't get how it can look perfect in the sequencer, but not translate into what pops up on the tree and matrix. (tree is a Pixie 16 simple 16x50).. Matrix is a Alphapix =12 channels (2-50 nodes per channel (total of 100 nodes per channel) for a total of 24 horizontal lines)
  6. Can I have a copy please? hadeswratih@gmail.com Thank you for sharing!!
  7. This is what it looks like in S5..... But it doesn't play like this on the Mega Tree....... If it quacks like a duck????
  8. OK, so I am now running dual networks in my show. LOR...and now DMX. I have had LOR last 2 years and the closest to "DMX" I have been is my Pixie 16's (love them)... But This year I added a 24x50 Matrix and a DMX pixel strip house outline to the show. I have found doing the sequencing for the house to be the most challenging. As "copying and pasting" from other sequences just isn't possible..... Which brings me to my question...... My family members are HUGE Ohio State Fans. HUGE. We live in Arkansas and my Razorback community just LOVES us..... Especially with the buckeyes being in
  9. You nailed it. I started with S3....then S4.... and now the jump to S5 (hindsight I should NOT have jumped to S5 in November).... and having to find where everything is again. I have (3) CTB16 120v Controllers, (2) Pixie16 Controllers (LOVE THEM for my Mega Tree and Arches), and these 2 Alphapix....hey wait, I think I have a brand new Alphapix in my shed ( I think I got it with my tree and at the time was so new I couldn't understand how to use it, so I got a pixie.... Hmmmmmmmm..... wonder if an Alphapix16 would run motorized spot lights???.. DMX is DMX right??..... How many Watt ligh
  10. I got it, ran a test last night and everything is a GO!! Now,.......Where can I get some of those motorized spot lights that guy with the Star Wars Theme has on the peak of his roof????...HAHAHAHA!!!! Thank You!! I still like my LOR network, much easier, but hey, if I can run parallel networks that's just more toys to add!!!
  11. Real quick.... The LOR Network preferences should mirror this methodology correct..... #1 1/16...#2 17/32..........And then the sequencer will "just know" which controller is which??
  12. OUTSTANDING!!! You just confirmed everything i did. I am one step ahead. I did exactly as you said as far as going ahead and extending the channel numbers..... This is #2..... #1 goes to 16 now... ALSO, I have a 16x50 Mega Tree from Coro with the Push in Pixels, that was last year (thumbs have finally healed)..hahaha... and we also used the same pixels in out Arches... I didn't get a lot of support from the family when i announced a "Pixel Pushing Party" this year... But the pixels in the Matrix kit were the square ones and they pushed MUCH easier... I REALLY like the 24x
  13. The next Alphapix I have connected has 16 channels but only 8 will be in use for house RGB strip lighting....per the above, I assume I will need to set it up as "Channel 13 thru 20" on the DMX Start univeres... right? Also, when I turned on #2 Alphapix for the house RGB pixels, all 8 strings tested fine....EXCEPT half of one string on channel 4.... It is stuck on blue. the other half of the string runs and changes as it should. I have swapped plugs on the pci and it appears to be the string and not any part of the controls. i also unscrewed the wires from the green plastic connecto
  14. I GOT IT!!!!!.....So I was under the impression the E131 networks were all individual "controllers" meaning. Each IP address was allowed it's own set of Channels in the full E131 Universe. It appears not. I thought that if IP address was set up as a 16 channel controller then those channels would be 1-16......and the same was true for IP address channels. But it turns out that is incorrect. The issue was all in LOR in the Network set-up. I deleted the second IP (will be adding that back today, assuming i will need to continue in numerical order.... But this
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