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  1. I Think I just figured it out. I have a background sequence that keeps my blowups on and the FM sign on. As well as this year I have a small walkway with pixels that I have set to stay on at 50%. I guess for some reason its not playing well with the rest of the sequences. I will continue to trouble shoot that but when I get rid of the background sequence it fixes the issue.
  2. Hi all, Has anyone see where during a show the pixels strobe/flash while playing. I have 2 pixie 16's and have them on a separate network COM 4 (AUX A) with 500k and enhanced checked. While testing all of my sequences in the sequencer and controlling the lights it works great but when I add my sequences to a show they all flash almost like a strobe light. Thanks for the input
  3. Thanks for your Response Mr. P. That makes since I am just not sure why they would say you can have 170 pixels if you can only program them up to 50 with the software they provide. Just odd to me. But o-well. Dosent hurt me but I was hoping to utilize 100 pixels per string instead of just 50.
  4. So I was reading through the manual and came across this: Color Effects This feature is only available when the controller is configured for 50 physical pixels/string. Then at the end of the manual with the Controller it States Pixie 16D - 170 Pixels per string - 50 LOR effects Pixels. Does this mean that if I'm using the Pixel effects in the software I can only address 50 pixels per string?
  5. Thanks for your reply. That makes a bit more sense. So The first Port of a Pixie 16 is Unit 05 then the second Port is 06 and so on. So then even though I think of Unit 5 as the whole thing the software is only looking at port 1 as unit 5 and so on. That Helps. Maybe next year I can do some programming with S5. Thanks Again for you help
  6. I know its way to late but this has been driving me nuts and I gave up about 2 months ago. I have been using s4 for years as all I was using were 4 -16 channel controllers. Last year I did a pixel tree and that was simple with 1 Pixie 16 and the Super Star software. This year I added more Pixels and a second Pixie 16. Decided to finally try S5 and I cannot make sense of the Props and Controller Setup. In S4 I just added a Pixie 16 on Aux A and gave it ID of 5. This year when I imported my pixel tree into the design with S5 it asks for the Network (Aux A), unit ID and I gave it 5 then it figured out the rest. So then I tried designed free standing props with the other controller and couldn't figure out the Unit ID and Start Circuit. So I tried just adding a whole controller Aux A unit ID 6. Well the First Pixie 16 is setup with 1 - Aux A, Unit ID 05, Start Circuit 1 End 150, 2 Was Unit 6, 3 was unit 7 and so on. Till 16 was Unit 14. What I do not get is how the Network Unit and Start Circuit should be setup for A Pixie 16. With my imported sequence from last year the tree displays perfect the way its setup in the Previewer. But if tried to add that second controller I get Channel Conflicts. With S4 it added the controller on Aux A Unit 5 and then had 16 ports. I have read over and over the manual and cannot find anything out there showing me what to do. I see Max Circuit is 512 but shouldn't it be 1600 as it can control 1600 pixels. I also cannot change the end Circuit. I know that's kinda long but its been driving me crazy. I have resorted to Programing my other Props in Xlights and xporting it to LOR and just using S4. I know its a Big learning curve from S4 but had hopes of using it as it appears there is so much I can do with it. Thanks for any help
  7. I do have Pro. I have Pro Edition with Super Start 40_CCR I started to go though the config to make sure it was setup to your guide (Thank you and I believe this guide helped me with and issue last year), but I found I was plugged into the Regular Network - Com 3 With 57.6K. I forgot that I used Aux A on Com 4 with the 500k enhanced mode for the pixel controller last year and Com 3 for my older controllers. I tested my test sequence and everything is working now. Thank you so much everyone for all your input, This is why I love LOR, such a good group.
  8. I have a pixie16 and last year I used 50 pixels per string for my Pixel tree but would like to use more of the controller. I have changed the controller to use 100 pixels per string and tested in the hardware utility and it works. But when I put it into a sequence and test only the first 52 pixels per string light up. Im using 12v pixels and from what I have read it should do all 100 and it does work in the hardware utility but not when actually doing the sequencing. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  9. Thanks Everyone for the Help, i upgraded to Pro and that seems to have corrected the issue with the two separate networks at different speeds. It would appear that Enhanced network is needed. I truly do appreciate everyone's quick responses on a busy holiday for all of us spreading the Christmas spirit. Thanks Again
  10. Ok so I found that you must have a Pro License to use the Enhanced Network. Do you guys think this is the reason that the lag is appearing. I could see that maybe except that when everything was on one Com on one network it worked fine, (except i didnt know the 4 older controllers were not working).
  11. I updated my info for you guys, thanks so much for the input so far. I see you guys have the the 500k network setup to Enhanced. is there a reason i cannot check that box when setting up the networks?
  12. Correct as far as setup. Testing with HU they all function correctly. 57.6K for Older Adapter & 500.0K for the New Adapter. i cannot check the box for Enhanced Network for either of the Networks (Option is grayed out)
  13. I received Help from this Forum a few weeks ago with lag to my new Pixie 16 Mega Tree. By changing the Network to 500k it corrected the lag issues with the sequences. Now that i have everything up, 4 older controllers 2 - CTB16PC & 2 16PC i believe version 2, & the Pixie 16. The older controllers cannot handle the 500k speed and do not work. When i had all 5 controllers plugged up at once with no light strings on the regular 16 channel controllers, the tree worked flawlessly. Now testing with all my lights plugged up into the older controllers I found they couldn't handle the 500k network, but the Mega Tree works. Here is what i have done and i cannot get the tree to stop lagging and missing seconds of sequences at a time (It goes completely black). Using two USB 485 adapters, 1 much older USB485b & one new High speed 485, i connected the older one as the main on com3 and the high speed one on Com 4 as AUX A. with this setup the Main lights on the older controllers work but the tree lags and misses sections of the sequence. I have 2 Ethernet runs out to my yard (Cat 5e). I changed it and swapped the older with Com 3 to AUX A and the High Speed to the main and i still get the lag. and even from time to time see lag in the 4 older 16 channel sequences. Testing by deleting the sequence timings for the 16 channel and only using the AUX A with the Pixie 16 i still get the lag. i have used the 4 controllers the last couple of years without issue but wanted to dive into pixels this year and its becoming a headache. My PC Specs (way more that required by light o rama): 4 core Xeon (3.1ghz) 14GB ram 250 gb SSd I know its thanksgiving and everything is super busy getting their show up or with their own problems but anything helps. Thanks everyone.
  14. Thank you so much Dibblejr, I had everything setup correctly except changing the network speed. Once i did that the lag disappeared whiling playing in the sequence editor. Thanks Again for your help.
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