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  1. A couple evenings ago I was working in the yard while watching my 13 month old trying to master what we take for granted in walking, when I hear the familiar sound of an ice cream truck trying to lull small children and child minded adults out to the street for a sugar fix. I decided it was time to let my son see what this was all about, so grab him and and my wife and I go out to meet the truck and pick out some goodies. Needles to say, but the price of Ice cream has gone way up since I was a kid. No longer do I search for loose change jingling in my pockets but go straight for the 20 spot. W
  2. Mark h2o

    Storage space

    I think dry and bug free is key.
  3. That sounds like some quality advice George. Got a question along your multiple track advice, if your working on a track with only a portion of the channels for one feature, will the visualizer show only those channels when you play back or will all other tracks that have data in that song also show up when watching the play back?
  4. My take on this whole box of worms (which has turned soggy and nasty) is we have taken this the wrong way, however you want to look at it. Dan isn't saying we can't say 'Merry Christmas' or 'Pray for our troops'. He isn't even saying that we can't have an opinion, then what would be the point of this forum anyway? He's just saying that this is not the place to discuss dedicated political topics or topics promoting religion knowing full and well that they will cause a heated debate. This forum is about lighting. That is what we all have in common here and that's what Dan want's us to keep ou
  5. Awesome, thanks Steven! There should be an archive with communication troubleshooting steps and solutions on one list such as this, Besides the search feature. Very helpful
  6. Steven, I know I could look it up but since you mentioned it what is the best way to make a line terminator? I'd like to be sure that I've done everything possible to safe guard the network.
  7. I've had this happen several times, usually when my data cable gets moved too close to the feeders going into my breaker panel (my cord just lays on the garage floor). I think it causes the USB port to do some strange things as well as the some of the controllers. Before I had the USB cable with ferrels it would lock up my driver and stop the entire show. I also have had a bad cable that I made cause some of the same issues.
  8. I'm waiting to get my licence email changed so I can use S3. I took pics today with all of my lights still up to import as the background image. I've been dreaming about this literally and reading this is getting me pumped to start using it. I hope having the arches and mega tree up in the pics will make it easier to set up the visualizer, at least I should be able to get the lights in the right spot.
  9. heystew, In case I missed it somewhere, how long does it take to sequence one song for something like that? It's incredible what you are doing, very awesome!
  10. Cold is if I have to wear anything more than shorts and a t shirt when watching sun night football
  11. Don't worry about those guys, they're really pretty good people (sometimes) when you get to know them. Every once in a while we get carried away with joking around.
  12. Ya the fading paint is a real pain in the tooshie. But like D.T. said, until the price comes down and the LEDs look less artificial I'll keep going with incans until they get pulled from the shelves. No wanting my cake and eating it too I guess:)
  13. LORi P wrote: LOL, ya I've done that too. My excuse is that I forgot to look at another house I wanted to see before we go in. This usually prompts the response 'really?' from my wife. I've also waited for traffic to leave before pulling in but this becomes a problem when traffic starts to pile up towards the end of the year and anyone in the car needs to use the bathroom:shock: It's funny the things we go through to make sure the 'audience' has a perfect viewing experience. After doing this for a while it all seems perfectly normal now.
  14. I don't know about you but when I get home and there is no one watching when the show is on, sometimes I'll park and watch because it's fun to admire your hard work and also to see if everything is working ok and look for areas to improve upon. Well, more often than not cars roll in while this is going on and then I feel kinda' like an idiot if I pull in front of everyone, open the garage and pull in. (especially since we live at the end of a cul-de-sac) Not sure how many of you do this but It makes me a little uncomfortable, especially when 8 or 12 cars are looking in my garage when I pull in
  15. Not to throw pebbles in the pond but as awesome as it would be to save money on power consumption and infrastructure costs using LEDs I just don't care for the look of them yet. I've thought about how great it would be to not worry about that stuff anymore but I just can't warm up to the lights that never get warm. I guess I'm old fashioned at 31 :shock: Now if my wife said I could take the money I save from using LEDs and apply it to more controllers.........
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