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  1. You are right! Last year was my first year. Looking back, now that I’ve shifted to pixels, I’m quite proud of what I was able to accomplish with only 16 AC channels. Just goes to show that anyone can do this hobby, no matter how small their show is 😊 

  2. I have personally bought some of the WS2811 bullet nodes and strips off of Amazon. It's been about 50-50 for quality. Knowing this, I made sure to buy ones that had free returns as an option. The above mentioned color order is something you want to be careful of. One strip I ordered was GRB not RBG. I have switched to programming with XLights this year, their software allows for you to change the color order of the strands so this was not a problem for my setup. Not sure if LOR offers a similar feature. If you want some good quality lights, for a reasonable price, check out www.wiredwats.com. Their lights are some of the least expensive ones without buying directly from a vendor like Ray Wu or taking a chance on ones from Amazon or eBay.

  3. I’m selling the roofline lights I used last year. I bought them at Lowe’s for $30/each, asking $15/each. $7.50 to ship individually or $15 for all together. These lights are SUPER bright. See video below for example. They also fit perfectly up under my shingles, so I didn’t have to mount them to my house. They still have a year left on the warranty. 

    Pic of the lights can be seen HERE

    Specs from GE can be found HERE



  4. I'm wanting to do a singing pumpkin (AC) for Halloween this year, and I was wondering what lights I would need to get started. A lot of the pumpkin templates I've found have a small number of lights for the eyes and mouth. How do I achieve such a small number when string lights come in higher counts? 

  5. 3 minutes ago, Mr. P said:

    A little advice, stick with the basic 10 pixels/m or you will run into power issues and have to power inject. Most ribbons at 10 pixels/m are 36 watts at 3 amps and there are only a few controllers that can handle over 4 amps per port.

    Something like this

  6. 13 minutes ago, Little_b said:

    Check my How to Video at around the 7:08 mark to see how I did mine. 

    Whew, it sounds really cold in that video ;) Where did you get the strips? I'm trying to decide if I want to spend the extra money for ones with the pixels closer together or not.

  7. Does anyone have any videos they can share of a roofline done with pixel strips, and which strips you used? I'm trying to decide if I want to go with strips (yes I know the nodes/bullets are easier to repair) and how much spacing between pixels I want. My neighborhood is one of those ones where the houses are basically on top of each other, so viewers are pretty close when they're watching the show. 

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