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  1. Wow guys, I don't know why I didn't get notifications for these replies 🤷‍♀️ I do have a couple of Star Wars options (I have a ton of options now), and I've got a bunch of Halloween and Christmas options now. Just pick them up from the link below. https://www.etsy.com/shop/StramMade
  2. I have a brand new, still sealed in the box CTB16PC controller I bought last year that I no longer need. $275 includes shipping.
  3. Hey everyone! I’ve been making face masks for my neighbors here in Nashville. Came across some Christmas lights fabric and figured I could make them for you all as well. They’re $10 each with free shipping. https://bit.ly/StramMade-Masks
  4. Here is the link to the sequence for anyone that wants it. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1avw7ZEtxBH-aV-IHSq6koPqwD8KQPTb8
  5. You are right! Last year was my first year. Looking back, now that I’ve shifted to pixels, I’m quite proud of what I was able to accomplish with only 16 AC channels. Just goes to show that anyone can do this hobby, no matter how small their show is 😊
  6. My sequence made it all the way to becoming an LOR YouTube video!!
  7. I have personally bought some of the WS2811 bullet nodes and strips off of Amazon. It's been about 50-50 for quality. Knowing this, I made sure to buy ones that had free returns as an option. The above mentioned color order is something you want to be careful of. One strip I ordered was GRB not RBG. I have switched to programming with XLights this year, their software allows for you to change the color order of the strands so this was not a problem for my setup. Not sure if LOR offers a similar feature. If you want some good quality lights, for a reasonable price, check out www.wiredwats.com. Their lights are some of the least expensive ones without buying directly from a vendor like Ray Wu or taking a chance on ones from Amazon or eBay.
  8. I’m selling the roofline lights I used last year. I bought them at Lowe’s for $30/each, asking $15/each. $7.50 to ship individually or $15 for all together. These lights are SUPER bright. See video below for example. They also fit perfectly up under my shingles, so I didn’t have to mount them to my house. They still have a year left on the warranty. Pic of the lights can be seen HERE Specs from GE can be found HERE
  9. May I have a copy? I’ll take any pixel mega Tara sequences you don’t mind sharing 🙏🏼 tracystram@gmail.com
  10. I'm wanting to do a singing pumpkin (AC) for Halloween this year, and I was wondering what lights I would need to get started. A lot of the pumpkin templates I've found have a small number of lights for the eyes and mouth. How do I achieve such a small number when string lights come in higher counts?
  11. I think I used the wrong verbiage when I said roof peak. I'm just trying to run them up the front facing sides of my roof. Not along the top of the roof. Basically just the red lines in the pic.
  12. How do you manage roof peaks? Are the strips flexible enough to handle an angle turn, or do you just run one from the top of the peak down on each side (essentially 2 strips)?
  13. Whew, it sounds really cold in that video Where did you get the strips? I'm trying to decide if I want to spend the extra money for ones with the pixels closer together or not.
  14. Does anyone have any videos they can share of a roofline done with pixel strips, and which strips you used? I'm trying to decide if I want to go with strips (yes I know the nodes/bullets are easier to repair) and how much spacing between pixels I want. My neighborhood is one of those ones where the houses are basically on top of each other, so viewers are pretty close when they're watching the show.
  15. This is probably a really dumb question, but can I use 5v lights with a 12v controller?
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