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  1. I would think you can: 1) change your prop def to 100 pixels 2) in the sequence block copy the 50 pixel sequence to immediately below (so that it easier to see, as at this point the first 50 and the second 50 would be doing the same thing at the same time) 3) in the prop def reassign the first 50 to odd numbers 1 to 99 4) reassign the copied block to even numbers 2-100 (At this point 1 and 2, etc would be doing the same thing at the same time) 5) export the channel config Then once your prop def is fixed, you should be able to go to all the other sequences and block copy 50 pixel sequence and the re-import the channel config and you should be good to go.
  2. Even though I wasn't able to join the first session, it seems to me that the Zoom room as envisioned would be a great benefit to get real-time help, not to mention getting ideas just listening to the "BS." And I think the tendency is to give out more detail and context when speaking then trying to write something out in a post. I'm thinking that when (notice I didn't say IF!) I have a question around the time of a scheduled meeting, I'll fire up SE and be prepared to show right then what my problem is, as opposed to a couple of screen shot back-and-forths here or on FB. Seems to me there is plenty of room for both (zoom and classes) as they have different purposes. I spent a LOT of time in a Home Theater Builders forum a number of years ago and racked up something like 4K posts and 300K (yes, 300K) views in my build thread. It sure would have been nice to have put some faces with posts and get some real-time feedback on my plans and issues I was running into.
  3. Doss that mean you're working on one? Just asking. For a friend.
  4. I didn't fully understand what he was trying to do...I missed the reference to "hanging bulb" and what he meant but that. I guess I'm so confused about when to separate AC controllers from Pixies that, being newer to this game, I just found it easier to keep them separate. Once they're set up, and the prop is designed, it doesn't make any difference in the sequencing. I guess I should say that so far, at least to me, it doesn't.
  5. You need a RED high speed adapter on a separate network from you AC controllers. Usually Aux A to start. I HIGHLY recommend looking at the @dibblejr setup tutorial found here. It's the basically same setup for a Pixie 2.
  6. In Preview Design, Click on Add. Then in the popup window, the third line down says "Add a Light-O-Rama device (AC controller, Cosmic, Pixie, Pixcon, Flood, etc)". Good luck!
  7. S5 is really not as bad as it's being made out to be. I made the switch last year. START with getting your preview set up. Once you do that, everything else falls in to place. Once you get it set up and make all your channel/port assignments, making changes is really easy and more importantly, fast, since you only need to change the Preview once and the change gets automatically picked up by ALL of the sequences that you've assigned to that Preview. Don't be afraid to ask for help! You will get great advice from the REAL experts here!
  8. Thanks for the tips, Phil! I wasn't considering anything other than solder. I am considering the dangle only because it lessens the number of solders (and screw ups!).
  9. What is the likelyhood of success of adding a dangle to the end of a ribbon in order to connect it to a second ribbon? Anyone tried or done it and had success? Or does anyone know where I can get a 300 channel (100 pixel) ribbon with the same spacing as the LOR ribbon? So far, I've not found any. What I'm trying to accomplish: Basically, I think I can free up two of the four ports on my 2 Pixie IIs (that is, one on each Pixie). Pixie II A: Currently I have 4 small, half size arches configured as one ribbon across a set of two arches as channels 1-75 and 76-150. Each set of arches is currently assigned to one of the ports on the Pixie. Since the ports on a Pixie II can handle 300 channels, can I attach a dangle to one end of one of the ribbons and connect the second ribbon to free up one of the ports? It would be nice to have the two feet between them. Pixie II B: I use the two ports on this one to each run one strand of 50 bulbs. As they already have dangles at both ends, I should be able to connect those together as a string of 100 and free up the other port, correct? That SHOULD give me a free port on each Pixie. I have an idea that given the location of the Pixies in my setup, I can use the freed up ports for something like a fire stick or to wrap around a tree using the freed up port on each Pixie. If I can do this, it would cost me $1.99 for the dangle and two (or maybe 4) strings of lights. And a bunch of programming and reprogramming, but I think it would be a pretty cheap upgrade for this year.
  10. @Life With Lights, @Kapkirk - Thanks, guys. Good info, that's why I'm asking before I get too serious about it! I hadn't thought about the clip sizes, which I ran into in trying to swap out incans for LEDs on my wireframe deer. However, those stand on four legs and are stable on the ground , so I thought something heavier may be needed to stand up tall. I'll keep looking in to it. Sounds like fun to do.
  11. What gauge metal have you been able to use? This HF Flux 125 Welder says welding capacity is 18 gauge to 3/16". I'm guessing you can tack thicker rods together to make frames? I would think you want 1/2" at least, for stability.
  12. I'm just throwing this out there, but in the S5 Grid View, you can click and drag channels up and down the view to wherever you want them. I had the problem where in a string of 50 smart bulbs (150 channels) they would get out of sequence unless you renumber Prop1,Prop2,Prop3 to be Prop01, Prop02, Prop03. Which you can do automatically. However one or two would still end up sorted out of sequences. So I went in and clicked and dragged where I wanted them. Then export the config and you should be good to go to re-import for all your sequences.
  13. I keep thinking the same thing. Every time I get an add with a coupon from Harbor Freight I REALLY think about it. Let me know when you're ready and maybe we can do it together.
  14. Well. THAT opens up some possibilities for next year! Thanks for confirming. Once I get everything packed up properly and bring my show computer back inside, I'll do some re-sequencing and make channel config changes and give it a test.
  15. SO, apparently, I've been misreading the specs all along! Just so I'm sure about this.... Right now, I have a Pixie 2 running my arches. I have one strip on each output (and split each strip into two arches of 25, for total of 4 arches). If I'm now understanding correctly, I could run BOTH strips (all four of the arches) off of ONE of the outputs on the Pixie 2 and free up the other? So since I have a similar situation running a second Pixe2 with two strings of 50 bulbs, I could free up one of the Pixie 2s (or at least one output on each)?
  16. Yes, that's what I did as well. Makes it MUCH easier to add WOW sequences. As far as building the Preview, I realized it was much easier to build the preview WITHOUT even thinking about the sequence. Open the PREVIEW DESIGN window and maximize it. Add your picture and your props to the picture. You don't even need to think out channel config at this point., You may get warnings but get all your props added first. Then, you can go back and straiten out all the channel configs. String will be your friend. It will be a better friend if you have Excel and copy to Xcel so that you can sort and filter. It would be an even better friend if you could do that right in the window, but you can't everything (where would you put it?).
  17. That is INSANE! Thank Heavens for RGB!
  18. I am using S5. Once I made the transition, it's been fine. They run easier in S4 because you don't need the preview. Once I created my preview and channel config for my house and props, I was able to add 5 more new WOW sequences in a matter of minutes, each. I wasn't too far along the S4 path anyway, so the transition for me was not that hard. To anyone starting out, I HIGHLY recommend starting with S5. My mini trees are 100 multi colored lights. Actually 2 strands of 50 so that if one craps out you only have to replace half the string. My mega tree is 2 strands of 50 white tied together the way WOW recommends. I am really considering adding the two more controllers (or a single dumb controller, whichever works out cheaper) to the mini trees and going to Red, Green and a third color (blue? white? Something else? I don't know yet). And, as our friend @dibblejr says WHEN you expand and get into RGB, S5 will be your friend, indeed.
  19. I have to tell you, I discovered a local show here this year that looked to me like it was entirely AC channels. He had, what looked to me to be, a 16 channel mega tree that was at least three colors so you're talking 3 AC controllers for that one tree. 4 Arches, same thing. Seemed like most of his props were that way but. MAN, what a show! And it turns out he's only about 2 miles from my house. I gotta admit, it really got me thinking about MY show and some things I can do to spruce it up!
  20. I started out the same way. Currently, all my sequences are from WOW. I'm starting to re-think the 10 mini trees as well. As for reprogramming those 5 channels, it depends on what you want to do with them. I found cut and paste is my friend when it comes to sequencing. ESPECIALLY the PASTE SPECIAL command. The problem is that they do a really nice job of sequencing say, all 10 going from 1-10 like a chase sequence, right in time with the music. If you are going to cut out half of them you need to re-time the start to finish. You can't just start at 1 and stop at 5 or start in the middle. It just won't line up with the music. I'm thinking of reducing the 10 to 8 to be more in line with the LOR philosophy of groups of 4. It should be easier to cut out only two. I think you've figured out the most efficient way to do this to start out. It will take some time to get familiar and comfortable with the software. AND learning about setting up and taking everything down. Something to consider right off the bat that will save you a good amount of bucks up front is to make your own extension cords. Put the controllers close to the props and then run shorter extension cords. A long CAT five from the computer or whatever you're using to run the show to the controller is cheap. You're in the right place, here. You'll find plenty of help from guys that have been doing this for years. And now that Christmas is over, they have more time to respond. So don't be afraid to ask. I've only been at this a couple of years but one thing I HAVE learned...get started NOW because Christmas will be here quicker than you think! Good luck!
  21. If you purchased the sequence at WOW Lights, they deliver theirs as compressed zipped files. You need you double click the zip file to unpack it and it gives the option of where to put it. Once it is unzipped, you should be able to open the S4 sequencer and then open the sequence. As @PhilMassey above says, you should really start out with S5. Your license should cover S5 up to the same level as you are using for S4. Same stapes as above for S5. A LOT of the sequences at WOW lights have an S5 preview as separate, I'm pretty sure free, download. That should at least get you started.
  22. Thanks and thanks for the tip! I will give that shot. Now that I'm starting to sequence my own ideas (so far everything has been purchased and modified to my set up which is mostly cut and paste if I can't just change the channel/unit setting for my needs) I can see where multiple grid views will be quite helpful.
  23. Not sure if this is an S5 only problem but I haven't found anything through searches. In my Channel View I have defined 4 RGB Arches (24 pixels per each) first as individual Props and then then as a Group (Arch A, Arch B, etc.). They show up as part of the Group which I can expand and contract but also individually. Is there anyway to NOT have them show up individually? For instance, I'd like to be able to sequence Arch A and D next to each other without having to scroll through B and C to make sure I've got them in exactly the spot. Hope this screen shot helps. Sorry for the extra click...I can't figure out how to embed it. Channel Config
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    I DO run that network Enhanced with a red adapter.
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    OOPS! Fixed. OK, thanks, I was pretty sure I wasn't going crazy. But my wife might argue that point!
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