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  1. DANG! Why didn't I think of that? Will definitely do that in the future.
  2. When scheduling shows. I've found that it is pretty easy to set the start time at PM and then forget to change the stop time to PM so it's set to run into the next morning. You might want double check the stop time is set to PM as well.
  3. Here is one of the few pictures I have stored on this website since it comes up relatively frequently. This is what I do. My wife is has one of the craft style cutting machines so we cut out the holly and all of the letting except for the station numbers. I bought a pack of those and have had to change them as commercial stations have come and gone that interfere. I just stick new ones one as needed. Don't know why it looks bad in the picture, but "Christmas" reads fine in real life. Oh, for those of you on the other thread about leaving lights all on off between shows, I run two different shows that run almost a half hour so there is 4 minutes at the end of one show and 2 minutes at the end of the other. I turn all on and run some generic music with a voice countdown every minute to the start of the next show, so no one should wait more than a minute to know when the next show starts. Then the lights go all off just before the next show starts.
  4. I put a sign out, too, but apparently, no one reads it!
  5. When I was learning to program at the Computer Learning Center, (remember that?) we started on punch cards. ONE of the card machines had ONE character that didn't punch what you typed. It PRINTED what you typed so that it read right, but it didn't PUNCH the letter you typed. You had to find that out the hard way. You generally got one shot per day to run your program and the first time you used that machine it could take all day to figure out why your program didn't run the night before. You had to check every printed line and punch card against your hand written coding sheet. Once you got past the first couple of weeks, you could submit your sheets to the key punch operators and have them do it (again, lucky to get the card deck back the next day) but they were prone to typing errors too.
  6. Sounds familiar! HS, 74, Learned CoBOL early 80s (whatever year it was under Reagan that the Air Traffic Controllers went on strike and got fired...there were three of them in my class!). Lots of CoBOL, JCL, Utilities (SYNCSORT!), CICS, Fortran, VSAM, DB2, IDMS. Programmed into the mid 2000s. I did some pretty amazing things in the early 2000s with IDMS for the government but they kept saying it couldn't be done (no matter how times we demo'd it) and then never implemented it. Got into management and came back to it for a while in 2014 for a year. And it all came back to me in no time...like a bad dream! Back to management now. Close to retiring but think I could code CoBOL forever if I could something 100% remote.
  7. My set up is little different but you may be able to do the main part I'm replying about...which is wiring the speakers IF your speaker can be wired. I bought cheap re-furb desktop to run my show. I tune an old audio receiver to the FM broadcast from computer. From there, I made speaker wire out of CAT-5. There are 8 strands inside Cat-5 cable. You can create 4 pair of two strands. That gives you + and - for two speakers. If you need a jack to connect directly to the computer, you can get a cheap stereo jack splitter online (of the correct size to fit the computer) and then cut off the y-ends and attach the pairs of Cat -5 strands and then run out to your speakers. Radio Shack used sell male jacks to plain wire, but I guess enough of us didn't shop there. Good luck! It's a lot to learn in a short time!
  8. I noticed last year that strings of 50 LED at Walmart were pretty non-existent. Almost all were 100. And I went early enough to actually score some single color net lights. I THINK that Walmart ALWAYS shows Christmas lights as out of stock online as they are in-store only. At least that 's how it looked when I was trying to find some single color net strings 2 years ago when I couldn't find them in store. I think that a lot of the decorative stuff we look for is being held up at ports. I noticed this year that the Spirit Store seemed to have about half of what it normally has. Same at Walmart for Halloween stuff. And I DID just cruise through Walmart and looked at the Christmas stuff they have out now and so far it looks like left overs from last year. I had a Facebook memory from two years ago popup yesterday where I mentioned going to Walmart because they already had all their Christmas stuff out, so I'm not too hopeful for this year.
  9. If I understand what you want to do... When you are in Preview Design, Double click the prop you want to change and the Prop Definition box pops up. You can modify the Unit ID and Circuit Number in the lower box on the right side. Change those to what you want them to be and then click on Save to close the Prop Def edit box. Also, if you click on the String Summary tab at the top of the Preview Design, you will see the list of all the props/strings and their unit/channel assignments. You can also edit a prop/string from there by double clicking the prop OR left click and select Modify Prop in the pop up. Sometimes it is easier to see everything in a list when you are making many changes at once.
  10. I think I managed to do what you are trying to do. I run a 30 minute show every half hour. Actually, I run two slightly different shows every half hour, so the actual length of each is slightly different. The last musical sequence in each show contains a vocal track I created that counts down the time until the next show starts (one is 4 minutes and one is 2 minutes) with some generic, royalty-free Christmas music in the background of the vocal announcements. The way I got it to work is that I MAKE SURE that the vocal announcement track, or in your case the last sequence, ends as close to the half hour mark as possible. The LAST sequence is an ALL OFF Animation sequence that is a 10 second loop. This way, at most the next show starts only 10 seconds past the half hour. I ran my complete schedule for two nights from 6pm to 11pm and one night started with show A and the second night started with show B and no show started more than 10 seconds past the half hour, and generally, the longer show (where the animation of the previous show ran slightly longer) always started right back on the half hour. So the key is to run sequences as close to the half hour as possible and create a short animation on a loop to run until the next show starts. I made my animation ALL OFF so that it's like the lights going down at the theater before the show starts. The final announcement before the Animation runs is "The show is about to begin" and fade down the lights from ALL ON so there is only about 10 seconds of dark silence before it actually starts. It would be pretty easy to create a generic music track to run prior to the Animation using Audacity. It free and pretty easy to use. Good luck!
  11. EXACTLY....build your own preview!
  12. tlogan

    Pixel Help

    The thing about WOW Lights is that they are all sequenced to the same preview props and channel configs. EVERY sequence from them has AC Controller 2 as a 16 channel Mega Tree. So, in your preview, you create a 16 channel mega tree and assign it to Unit 2. Then EVERY sequence from them will work for that Mega tree without your doing anything other than installing the sequence, opening it , assigning it to your preview and importing the channel config. They are very explicit about the props and channel configs. You're right that not everything will look great on your house. So far, the only thing I really changed is that they program a group of 5 stars that they expect to go from a roof down to the ground. MY roof is too high to get up on and I'm too old to get up there anyway. So in MY Preview, I changed the stars into candy canes that I put on the ground. They maintain the same sequencing and channel config as the stars, so every time I add a new WOW sequence, it works without my doing anything. I do sometimes think that we overlook the fact that this hobby DOES require a certain amount of creativity. I would agree that if you can not match up the WOW preview and sequencing to your house, than yes, you have a lot of work to do. But I think for most people, particularly beginners, it will work for you. Once you get comfortable with how everything works from them, and get more experience with S5, it becomes a lot easier to start expanding and adding props, etc. Once you purchase a sequences from them, you can download the version with the most number of channels for your license. That is, if you buy the starter package with two AC controllers, you can still download the sequences with, I think, up to 128 channels with more props to choose from and use to match up to your house. And in that 128 channel sequence, Unit 2 is STILL the Mega Tree.
  13. Access to that link is denied... you need to share it.
  14. tlogan

    Pixel Help

    You really shouldn't have to copy and paste any sequence from WOWLIGHTS. You should be able to open the sequence as installed from WOWLIGHTS and assign your preview and import the channel config. You should be good to go. Any ADDITIONAL changes/additions you made in your preview beyond what WOWLIGHTS provides may need to be copy/pasted or have their channels re-assigned. You shouldn't need to copy/paste the entire sequence. Getting the preview right S5 is the key.
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