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  1. If you purchased the sequence at WOW Lights, they deliver theirs as compressed zipped files. You need you double click the zip file to unpack it and it gives the option of where to put it. Once it is unzipped, you should be able to open the S4 sequencer and then open the sequence. As @PhilMassey above says, you should really start out with S5. Your license should cover S5 up to the same level as you are using for S4. Same stapes as above for S5. A LOT of the sequences at WOW lights have an S5 preview as separate, I'm pretty sure free, download. That should at least get you started.
  2. Thanks and thanks for the tip! I will give that shot. Now that I'm starting to sequence my own ideas (so far everything has been purchased and modified to my set up which is mostly cut and paste if I can't just change the channel/unit setting for my needs) I can see where multiple grid views will be quite helpful.
  3. Not sure if this is an S5 only problem but I haven't found anything through searches. In my Channel View I have defined 4 RGB Arches (24 pixels per each) first as individual Props and then then as a Group (Arch A, Arch B, etc.). They show up as part of the Group which I can expand and contract but also individually. Is there anyway to NOT have them show up individually? For instance, I'd like to be able to sequence Arch A and D next to each other without having to scroll through B and C to make sure I've got them in exactly the spot. Hope this screen shot helps. Sorry for the extra click.
  4. tlogan

    What next?

    I DO run that network Enhanced with a red adapter.
  5. tlogan

    What next?

    OOPS! Fixed. OK, thanks, I was pretty sure I wasn't going crazy. But my wife might argue that point!
  6. tlogan

    What next?

    @dibblejr - ALL Pixies? I run 2 Pixie IIs with S5.5.16 Advanced. Granted, I'm not doing anything really advanced with motion effects yet, but I'm thinking of upgrading to PRO for Superstar Instant sequencing.
  7. Sounds like you could threaten as an ADA violation. THEN see what they say.
  8. I'd been decorating for years with static lights. Probably sometime around 2004 or 2005 I bought a Mr. Christmas-type setup with 6 channels of pre-programmed music and lights. Made it work pretty well with what I had. I Was the only only around that I could tell was doing ANYTHING like this. Then in 2017 I moved to LOR and controllers. Started with 2 AC G3s for a megatree and minitrees ,etc (32 channels). Last year added two Pixie IIs and a third AC controller. This year added a fourth AC G3 and a Light Linker. Thinking about two more Pixie IIs and maybe another G3 for 2021. After seeing
  9. Yes. If you get the preview, prop definitions and your channel configs correct, the rest is LOT easier. You assign that preview to every sequence you create and you are set to start sequencing. Everything should be there ready to go. Good luck! It took me while to get everything right. But once I did, I was able to make changes to all my sequences very easily. Although, I will say, most of my sequencing at this point is copy and paste. But still, starting off with everything in place is lot easier.
  10. I got everything down (and MOSTLY packed this past weekend) with help from my wife. It was sunny, lower - mid 40s and only slightly breezy. I at least wanted to get the ladder stuff down on Saturday...Mega Tree and lights over garage and front door. We ended up getting most of it done. It was even nicer on Sunday but by then, I only had a few things left (nets and a few strings on bushes, mini trees and a few wireframe deer. Got most put back in shed, too. Forecast was originally calling for cold and possible rain/snow later this week but that seems to have been taken out of the forecast. No
  11. I meant by "the next Arguing Trees" that everybody has been asking for them, this will be the next they are all asking for!
  12. That will be the next Arguing Trees! REALLY Cool. GREAT work JR!
  13. Agreed 100%! That is EXACTLY what I did before last year's show. I was running off an old laptop that died. Found a refurb desktop for something under $200 at Micro Center. Fortunately I live close to one, but it's probably worth checking their website. They have refurbs all the time. And since it was a little older, it has 8 USB ports (2 front and 6 rear) so plenty of room for LOR networks! It came with a mouse and key board and I had a monitor sitting around. I actually used it to do all of my sequencing work and then set it up in the garage for the show. LOR and some tools (Audacity, VLC m
  14. ELLs only work with the AC controllers, not the pixels. How far apart are the houses and why wireless if there next to each other? Is there some reason you can't run standard Cat5/6 lines across the yards? I would suggest that you can probably run Pixie controllers close to all of the props (tress, rooflines, etc) which shortens the actual connections to the lights and only have to run the data lines from the computer at your house off to the controllers. You will want to buy or request some of the guys here send you some of their sequences so that you can see how it's done. It will
  15. Again, I call myself lucky, This is my third year and the FIRST time that a show did not start on time. And we have had the rainiest year on record, with a lot of it over the last couple of days and the show started on time every night. Except tonight. Fortunately I run a static animation starting at 5:00 and then the music sequences starting at 6:00. I also have some static lights and wireframes that come on using different timers around a little before 5:00. While walking the dog, this afternoon, we got back to the front of the house and I could see some of the lights on timers coming on.
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